English plainclothes police officer follows himself for 20 minutes


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  1. IvoryTusk says:

    would it be too naiive to ask what exactly the “suspect” had been suspected of having done?

  2. Ashen Victor says:

    So, he didn’t  tased himself?

  3. myparrotsteeth says:

    Lucky the sergeant was there, or the undercover copper might have ended up starting a secret life whereupon he married himself.

  4. Gordon JC Pearce says:

    Sounds like a windup to me…

  5. cbm says:

    It turns out Philip K. Dick was right about everything.

  6. That somehow sounds like good stuff for a fun novel, any volunteers?

  7. ialreadyexist says:

    I feel safer already.

  8. Mari Lwyd says:

    I was hoping for PKD and got Keystone Kops instead :(

  9. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    And now we know who watches the watchmen…
    and they aren’t very bright…

    • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

       I’ll see yours and raise you the Banksy “What are you looking at” installation.
      Tried to find pictures, but so much copyright….

    • Chuck says:

      A more than appropriate monument to Orwell.  After all, he was our first and greatest advocate for the total surveillance society.  I’m sure you’ll all agree. The author’s preferred edition of 1984 will be published and delivered to your doorstep soon.

  10. sgarcez says:

    This immediately reminded me of Bruce Nauman’s ‘Going around a corner’ piece:

    Basically you go around a big cube with a camera and screen on each of the 4 corners.  Everytime you turn a corner you see a glimpse of yourself filmed from the previous corner. Its more fun trying it than reading about it I guarantee it:)


  11. Nell Anvoid says:

    Brits can sleep comfortably knowing that Mr. Bean is on the case.

  12. Narmitaj says:

    More than Orwell, this reminded me of AA Milne – the officer was clearly on the trail of a Woozle: http://www.construxartist.com/knowmadzorg/gallery/pooh/woozle.htm

  13. Martin Liebermann says:

    Occupy the police

  14. anomalous D says:

    A scanner Not-So-Brightly ?!

  15. Sam says:

    This is like The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare, by G. K. Chesterton.

  16. Christopher says:

    I’m surprised I’m the only one (at least the only one who’s commented so far) who immediately thought of the short story Narapoia by Alan Nelson.

    Narapoia is the compulsive belief that you’re following someone.


  17. Obava Anoni Li says:

    I already saw this on SpongeBob

    • TaymonBeal says:

      Oh, good. I thought I was the only one who thought of that scene.

      It’s fascinating how everyone has come up with a different cultural reference for this.

  18. suburbanhick says:

    …”and the officer was overheard asking passersby ‘does your dog bite?””.

  19. Shinkuhadoken says:

    They’ve finally done it!

    A Yakety Sax chase scene of one.

  20. nixiebunny says:

    I once read of a couple police officers chasing a UFO in their squad car around sunrise, only to find out later that it was the planet Venus.  At least they had a suspect.

  21. paul beard says:

    “Mr Rod Serling, please pick up the white courtesy phone for a message…”

  22. desiredusername says:

    Elevator pitch: A detective is in hot in pursuit of his suspect. Only when he finds out he is the suspect, he has to go on the run to prove his innocence. And he’s running out of time!

  23. Chuck says:

    This is why you should always insist on buying a phone or tablet with two cameras.  One for spying on the rest of the world, and the other for conducting surveillance on yourself while you do so.

  24. JMB98115 says:

    Yakkity-Sax is what, 3 minutes long, so the video should be played at 3.5x normal speed.

  25. Mister44 says:

    So when they figured it out, did he mace himself and break his smartphone?

  26. JohnnyRatcliffe says:

    I’m staggered this has gotten into the press – however that said it’s a rather funny story. There is also more here:


  27. Mike Meyer says:

    This is remarkably efficient.  I thought we’d have to hire half the population to watch the other half, but now we can just all watch ourselves.

  28. MrEricSir says:

    Oh, England.  How did you go from colonizing world to chasing your own tail?

  29. ill lich says:

     i scan the crowds until i see someone who is obviously insane

    and then i follow that person until they go into a building or get into a car

    in order to make sure that they dont do anything “crazy.”

    –MC 900 Foot Jesus

  30. ChicagoD says:

    I worked at a grocery store in high school. The security in the store was for loss prevention and was generally plain clothes. They tried to blend, but they also skulked behind counters and things. The number of times people came and told us they saw a suspicious man was incredible. You’d have to do something, so you’d call security and tell them someone had spotted a suspicious person in the (closed) deli section. It was awesome.

  31. If the CCTV operator really thought the cop he was “right on the heels” of a suspect, wouldn’t he have thought it was odd that only the suspect, and not the cop, showed up on the CCTV?

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