Muscles leggings make you look like you've been flayed from the waist down


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  1. yri says:

    If you could get a whole body suit and mask, you could go as Warren Meers for Halloween. Even better if you can get your girlfriend to come along and act like a robot.

  2. geech says:

    Glad you dropped the Slim Goodbody reference so I didn’t have to.  Oh, wait…

  3. Chicago_SC says:

    I just went boingboing.

  4. Listener43 says:

    Is it wrong that my first thought was bacon?

  5. GawainLavers says:

    They need to work on a balaclava with pins next.

  6. geet says:

    Where can i find the t-shirt equivalent of this?

    I want it because of reasons

  7. P says:

    Cycling fans may remember the muscle skinsuit worn by Mario Cipollini at le Tour in the late 90′s

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Saeco’s ad department: You know what would look great for our brand? A flayed human being with a giant occipital bun!

      • P says:

        Cipollini was famous for extravagant clothing, especially racing uniforms, sporting custom-made skin suits. Some of his memorable kits include a muscle suit, zebra, and tiger prints, and a techno-skinsuit inspired by the 1982 film Tron. He was fined for wearing an all-yellow outfit while leading the Tour de France.
        (from wikipedia)
        Ironically, the latter is now standard practice for all leaders in all grand tours.

  8. awjt says:

    Yes, yes there IS something weirdly asymmetrical going on in the groin region of those tights.  It should show where the adductors longi meet rectus abdominis, in a confluence of vaginal glory.

  9. hypersomniac says:

    I don’t usually fap to boing boing, but with this and Sonia Sotomayor that may change. I kid.

  10. Robbo says:

    I gotta give props to Felicia Day for posting that link on her FB page.

    And if I ever wore anything like that it would look like the display counter at my local butcher.

  11. Dicrel Seijin says:

    I’m reminded of a white T-shirt with massive blood splatter on its right side and the slogan “I’m fine.” across the front. It might go well with those leggings.

  12. Mantissa128 says:

    Baby, show me that Pubococcygeus muscle!

  13. Adam Coe says:

    LigamentStrips and LigamentStrips and LigamentStrips and LigamentStrips and LigamentStrips and LigamentStrips and LigamentStrips and LigamentStrips……
    Over here we got MusclesLeggings, next level lower body attire manuever…

  14. grimatongueworm says:

    My IT band feels so much better.

  15. mccrum says:

    Well, this would have saved me a bundle of time and hospital bills if I’d seen it earlier today.

  16. Ted Brennan says:

    i am so wearing these to my St. Bartholomew day Massacre party. I think someone photoshopped the ligaments.

  17. robuluz says:

    Muscles leggings make you look like you’ve been flayed from the waist down

    [zapp brannigan] Sexily flayed. [/zapp brannigan]

  18. obeyken says:

    I went through a confusing series of emotions as I scrolled down the page.

  19. desiredusername says:

    It looks somehow slimming

  20. retepslluerb says:

    Looks good enough to eat.

  21. chgoliz says:

    Don’t all skin-tight leggings “celebrate the human anatomy”?

  22. Quiche de Resistance says:


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