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Steve Albini, guitar genius of Big Black, Rapeman, and Shellac, and producer of albums by Nirvana, The Pixies, and hundreds of other bands, is also a delightful food blogger who posts recipes he makes for his wife Heather. Last week, he cooked these yummy-looking saffron potato cashew pancakes. The blog is called mariobatalivoice. Albini says, "The name comes from the way I bring her food in bed and present it to her using an imitation of Mario Batali's voice from TV." mariobatalivoice (Thanks, UPSO!)


  1. It’s like Big Black liner notes meets Food Network!

    Rich Man’s 8 Layer Cake, indeed! Dig that Franciscan Ware.

  2. Steve Albini cooks delicious looking meals for his wife, and serves them to her in bed?? If my wife sees that i’m a dead man…

  3. world’s ugliest plate?  i seriously thought it was a pizza with basil and some sort of symmetrical sauce presentation

  4. Aw.  This is the most adorable thing I’ve seen today.  And I subscribe to A LOT of kitten-related news outlets.

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