Trailer for Iron Sky, a crowd-sourced sci-fi epic

[Video Link] This is going to be the most awesome movie ever.

In the last moments of World War II, a secret Nazi space program evaded destruction by fleeing to the Dark Side of the Moon. During 70 years of utter secrecy, the Nazis construct a gigantic space fortress with a massive armada of flying saucers.

When American astronaut James Washington puts down his lunar lander a bit too close to the secret Nazi base, the Moon Führer decides the glorious moment of retaking the Earth has arrived sooner than expected.
Trailer for Iron Sky, a crowd-sourced sci-fi epic


    1. Except they seem to have mistakenly misread her home state as “Alabama”.  Silly Germans.

  1. Very interesting movie, looks top notch so far and i’m excited to see it whenever it becomes available.

  2. Oh, I remember when this was just an CG animated teaser. I’m happy they were able to finish it!
    And with Udo Kier to boot. Delightful!

  3. I wonder how they’ll manage to lose the war.  I mean – they are sitting on the moon. On the Moon. Beware of the Moooon. 

    1. Hey, maybe you missed the part where this isn’t a big-budget Hollywood film, but is in fact a crowd sourced indie project? Does look at least as good as your typical hollywood film these days, however, for a fraction of the cost.


  4. Oh yeah! You can bet your ass this is going to be awesome, a nerd fest and campy as hell.

    This movie is just going to be Phase II of the “Revenge Of The M” (Phase I has been successfully implemented by the Arduino funding model.)

    Crowd-funding following crowd-sourcing an idea is just beginning.

    The accountants of the world will absolutely love this, no commitment of money until the producers are guaranteed a hit.

    Old 1:N media, start quaking. N:M is coming…

  5. Yeah, OK, but they do realise that there’s no such thing as, “the dark side of the moon,” don’t they? Other than that, of course, it’s totally believable …

    1.  I watched transformers 3 just to rubber neck. and they have NASA scientists constantly talking about the dark side of the moon.  It’s exhausting when a misconception can make it into films this often.

      1. Seriously? It’s a region name, not a literal description.

        The Dark Side of The Moon is a real term describing a real place – the region of the moon tidally locked away from earth. Yes, it does in fact receive sunlight, but when the name was coined the people coining it didn’t quite realize it. So what?

        Shall we point out that the Sea of Tranquility isn’t really a sea? That the Dead Sea isn’t really dead? That Wall Street doesn’t have a wall any more? That Newfoundland is no longer newly found?

        It’s not a misconception – it’s a place. Maybe you’d prefer if it was renamed “The Far Side of The Moon”, but that might step on Gary Larson’s toes a bit.

          1. Your earth globe doesn’t show a big apple in the northeast United States, either, but virtually everyone you talk to in the USA would know what you meant if you said you were going there despite the fact that the apples there aren’t any larger than they are in any other part of the country.

  6. Wasn’t that Laibach playing “B Mashina” in the background? (actually that exact song is almost perfect for this)& yes,I’m afraid I’m not entirely sure that Lunar Nazis would be that much worse than our present overlords…..

  7. *raises hand*

    Yes, I just have one question, where’d they get the materials, manpower, and resources to do all this unnoticed?

    —- Foxconn

    Oh okay thanks.

    1. Me, I was wondering why all the Nazis didn’t have bone mass loss and atrophied musculature.  But the more obvious question of what was feeding them hadn’t  occurred to me.

      1.  That was actually the first thing I thought…
        70 years on the moon, man they packed a lot of rations.

        1. Or they brought along a decent amount of water and made sure to conserve and recycle it? Hydroponics was used sucessfully as early as the 1930s on Wake Island, it seems reasonable that the Third Reich would have adapted the tech, no?

        2. Yes, it’s amazing, simply amazing that they had the foresight to pack enough food and water to last them 70 years.

          Wait, would true Germans have taken mere wasser? Nein! Bier! Und tons und tons of freeze-dried wienerschnitzel, jä!

          1. Hey, you forgot to mention the Sauerkraut.

            I know, I know … after a hard days work – killing native americans, driving your prairie schooner and herding cows you simply can not remember every detail….

  8. Can anyone remember the name and author of a short SF story that appeared in “Analog” many years back, which featured saucer-flying Nazis? The backstory was essentially the same: defeated Nazis take their saucer-tech to a secret base (possibly under the South Pole, rather than on the Moon: I can’t remember) and re-emerge years later, having perfected their technology. The difference is that, in the story, the Nazis contact a US senator to enlist the aid of the US in fighting against the Russian flying saucers that are kicking their asses (advanced students will be able to guess the surprising twist at the end of the story).

    1. There’s also an old SF short story, the author and title of which quite escape me, about the post-WWII American government responding to the threat posed by a Nazi Moon Base by (SPOILERS – not that anyone can tell spoilers for what) launching an invasion of the moon; the draftees get there to discover it was all a trick to get the resources and the people to send up a large force of young people to establish an American moon colony.

        1. I’ve got nothing against the use of the word, but it does trip some automated filters and make it harder for some people to access the sites where it appears.

  9. To be clear – the ‘Dark side of the moon’ references aren’t a mistake.  In fact – you can clearly see that the moon-base on the ‘dark’ side of the moon *IS* lit up by the sun in these shots.  That doesn’t change the fact, though, that it is called the ‘dark side’ by us humans. 

    It is a fault in our naming of places – not an indication that it is literally ‘dark’.  It is no different from if the film had shown a Koala bear (which is possible – it was an Aussie coproduction & partly filmed in Australia!) .  Yes –  characters would refer to a Koala that way without it being a fault in the film.  It’s just a bug in the English language.

    File a bug report with the language .. not with the film.


    1. File a report with the language? Sure. I’m always doing that. It’s sloppy usage and if we don’t complain about it, people will just keep doing it. What’s wrong with, “the FAR side of the Moon”? Loads of people believe it really is dark on the other side, because so many people tell them it is. If we know better, it’s up to us to try to educate them. (Yeah, I know, I am a pedant through and through.)

      1. If you’re going to be pedantic, you should at least be consistant. Please lobby to have every inaccurate place name changed, not just ones that irk you in particular for some reason.

        The Sea of Tranquility becomes Lunar Crater Region A, the Dead Sea becomes the High Salinity Sea, Wall Street becomes Financial District Street, Newfoundland becomes Oldfoundland…

    2. Actually, one of the senses of the word “dark” is “unknown” or “not well understood.” Given that that part of the moon was unseen by anyone until very recently, I’m not sure it was ever inaccurate to call it the “dark side,” even if that name is now a little outdated. That’s not to say that some (very, very stupid) people aren’t under the misconception that it’s always literally dark there. Maybe there’s a scene in the movie where Sarah Palin learns that that isn’t true.

  10. It’s only partly crowd sourced, but it does look pretty fun!  I found this info on the finance section of the site:
    The film is a Finnish-German-Australian co-production, filmed mainly in English, with a budget of about 7.5 million euros.We have secured about 6.3 million euros through traditional film funding channels like the Finnish Film Foundation, Eurimages, Hessen Film Invest, Screen Queensland, pre-sales etc. We are now aiming to cover 900,000€ of the budget with crowd funding.

  11. I’ve been watching the progress of this on Twitch, a film review site, which has had much of the teasers and trailers of “Iron Sky” for the past year.

    Frankly, I can’t wait and hope that it gets a wide enough distribution to show here. Or barring that, a DVD.

  12.  I think they’re going to have to try very very hard to lose.  The fact that they can sit up there, and hurl down moon rocks with the explosive force of a nuke is pretty hard to beat.

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