Welcome to the Enchanted Forest


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  1. mtdna says:

    Looks like Jaws finally got Flipper.

  2. gauch0 says:

    I loved the Enchanted Forest when I was a little kid. I have so many great memories of those kitschy fairy tale scenes. Also, there was an anthropomorphic steamboat that you could ride across the lake.

  3. hollimichele says:

    One of my earliest memories is of going to this park. It must have been right before it closed, and I can’t have been any older than 3 or 4. Apparently a lot of the attractions have been moved to a nearby farm.

  4. Is this where you’ll be taking your beloved for a Valentine’s Day picnic?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Is this where you’ll be taking your beloved for a Valentine’s Day picnic?

      This is where he’ll be camping after he gives her a gift from here.

  5. Rider says:

    I’ll never understand why all these smaller parks and kitchy roadside attractions died suddenly.

    Here in Orlando we had tons of strange attractions that would feed off of Disney.  They all vanished in a decade.  Many of them still sit there abandoned.  Sad. 

  6. Navin_Johnson says:

    Sorry for all the East Coasters, but I breathed a sigh of relief after clicking through and discovering that this wasn’t the (Oregon) Enchanted Forest (alive and kickin’) that still lives in my childhood memories.


  7. Emphasis on the unease. ( btw, very weird feed from the ISS right now over on NasaTv….lights are out and dude is floating around inside with a flashlight!))

  8. AboutTheNumbers says:

    Grew up taking trips there as a kid.  Wound up working down the street from this location for about 2 1/2 years recently.  It’s sad they left some of the stuff in place.  Almost wished they would have either moved it all or removed it. 

  9. bja009 says:

    Looks like a scene out of Fallout 3, which just doubles the unease factor for me.
    (Also my first reaction was to check in the fish’s mouth for loot. You can never have enough buckshot in a post-nuclear holocaust swamp.)

  10. Magenta Griffith says:

    I remember going there as a kid, and also to Frontier Town near Ocean City. Loved those places, long ago.

  11. Michael Duck says:

    For everyone who (like me) grew up visiting this place, you should know that the folks over at Clark’s Elioaks Farm — just down Route 108, a short drive away — have relocated and preserved a great many of the attractions from the original Enchanted Forest. It was a remarkable local history preservation effort, and I’m proud to say my own kids have had a chance to enjoy a lot of the same features I did — including the Little Old Lady’s Shoe sliding board, the Pumpkin Coach, the Crooked House, and the house of the Three Bears (complete with the bust of a human hunter, mounted over the mantelpiece).

    They documented quite a bit of the process, with tons of photos, over here: http://www.clarklandfarm.com/CEF%20EF%20Moving%20to%20the%20Farm.htm

  12. copperwatt says:

    Reminds me of the end of the film “Hanna”, which is filmed in Spreepark, Berlin 

  13. BensFlare says:

    I live 10 minutes from this place. It is indeed a very creepy area along Rt. 40. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some ravaged humanoid bodies amongst the ruins.

  14. My grandmother took my brother and I there in either 1957 or 1958 still remember it even tho’ I was only around 4 years old. I also remember driving by it in the late 70′s on my way to Baltimore from DC but never stopped.

  15. RustyTrawler says:

    My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:

    Ride the teacups, ye moppets, and despair!

  16. I used to go here as a child (in the 80s). I remember it being absolutely magical. There was a rainbow slide, a whale whose mouth you could climb into, and houses that you could look into with life-size dioramas showing scenes from fairy tales. I’m so sad that it’s gone. 

  17. Grahamers2002 says:

    Mr. Duck beat me to it.  A lot of the magic is still alive at Elioak Farm.   http://www.clarklandfarm.com/CEF%20EF%20Moving%20to%20the%20Farm.htm

    My son had a memorable birthday at the farm and the Enchanted Forest pieces were a big piece of it!

  18. Tim Poff says:

    drove by that place a 1000 times as a kid and planed elaborate night time raids in my head.  Never made it over the fence…..Here is another random Baltimore centric site that has the history of all the cool old amusement parks that were around ‘back in the day’  
    http://www.kilduffs.com/Parks.html (and dig the mid 90s web design!)

  19. sean says:

    Gee, they could have at least sent poor Willie the Whale to the Creationist Museum in Kentucky.

  20. Roanhouse says:

    as a maryland native i’m surprised no one from here also pointed out that this american historical spot was also in the Baltimore son of kitch, John Waters, johnny depp film “Cry Baby” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDYSsntMVsQ

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