Cyclists would rather ride a bike than have sex

In a recent survey of 5000 Bicycling magazine readers, 50% of men and 58% of women said that—if pressed to choose between sex or bikes—they'd pick the bikes.(Via Maria Popova)


  1. Why can’t I have both?

    On a serious note, I wonder what the results of other sports would be. At the moment there’s a bias as there is only one sport compared. If anyone knows the link to other similar studies please share them.

  2. I’ve always said the same about running. I get a consistent high from running, whereas carnal pleasures are touch-and-go.

    1. I’m the same way about walking.  I really feel crappy when I don’t.  Two miles a day baseline, no matter what, more when I can get it.

      Also: “touch-and-go”.  Hehe.

    1. A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, but a woman and a man both need a bicycle (although not a fish).

      1. Didn’t Steve Jobs say that sex is like a bicycle for the behind, or was that Antinous?

        I AM THE 50%.

      1. I’ve always considered myself, based on the manfold goofy reasons women have claimed for “getting on with their lives” and foremost among which is failure to satisfy (whatever the hell that is…), as a cucumber that takes out the garbage. 

  3. If running and cycling are evolutionary dead ends, I guess that explains why the species is getting fatter and lazier.

    1. Sex after a month of abstinence? Awesome.

      Cycling after a month? Depressing.

      Not to mention that cycling may be a key method of transport for many of these responders. Makes complete sense to me.

  4. Because their prostates are smashed? — No, seriously, get a good seat with a s split down the middle because it is a serious medical problem for those that do “centuries” or put in lots of mileage.

    1. Only if you’re doing it wrong. There’s a good reason why cyclists refer to them as “Saddles,” not “Seats.” All of your weight rides on your seat, only a portion rides on your saddle. Generally the right sized/positioned saddle and frame, along with proper peddles that you clip into resolve any issues.

      1. I obviously have bad form then. I did the Ironman in Hawaii, numerous small tris but gave up the sport for swimming which I do well in. Obviously, if I had proper training I probably would have placed better in all my tris. Oh well, thanks for the correction – I will have to find a coach.

    2. Ummm … if it’s hurting your _prostate_, you really are doing it wrong. Narrow bike seats can cause nerve damage at the base of your penis and can cause a lot of soreness in the surrounding area. But if it’s hurting your prostate, well, are you sure you even have a saddle on your seatpost?

      1. I got a good seat; err saddle, and I am fine. I wish I knew about those technique issues when I was racing though. Thanks for the advice

  5. Did they get to pick out their sex partners the  same way they picked out their bikes?  That might have an influence on the results.

  6. TIL that when lots of people repeatedly mash their genitals against hard surfaces for a long enough period of time, one outcome is that many of them have less interest in sex.

  7. Aw c’mon. Where are all the jokes like “your bicycle doesn’t care if you ride other bicycles”?

  8. Oddly enough, I feel pretty much exactly like this about mountain biking.  Maybe I just need to try some extreme sex as a contrast to it. :D

  9. My gf and I just had this conversation, she’s the cyclist.  I told her it was ok with me if I had to share the bed with her bike frame, as long as I was one of her top two loves I felt lucky.  

  10. of course I’d rather cycle than have sex. Cycling is satisfying and productive and useful and fun. what a silly question.

  11. Change the question to include masturbation in the definition of sex and I bet the numbers… spread… a bit more.

    Also, I’d choose bicycling, too, but only if my bike would let me use some other positions. “Cyclist on top” is so boring. Tried putting somebody on the handlebars once… not cool, apparently. Not cool.

  12. I’ve never met a bicycle I couldn’t ride.
    I’ve never met a bicycle that swore off a ride because of a headache.
    I’ve only had one accident with a bicycle I couldn’t walk away from.
    That was also the one bicycle I couldn’t fix myself……..

  13. It’s probably the hideous lycra (?) pants and shirts they wear. That would be enough to turn anyone off.  I’d rather go to the dentist than have sex after looking at someone in those outfits.

  14. I’m a pretty keen cyclist, but geez…

    IMO this result only makes sense if a lot of the respondents (and their partners) are either crap at sex, or they recently had the kind of shag that tops up your nice neurotransmitters for a week, and consequently take it for granted.

    It’s a lot easier to knock back sex while you’re still enjoying the benefits, which I’m sure a lot of folks underestimate.

  15. Probably all that bicycle seat rubbin on the hot pockets gets them off quite
    often enough any way.
    Smell a bicycle seat?
    Ladies a bit more stats show.

  16. Now, if we could just convince the rest of the bikers to not have sex, we could walk on foot trails without getting run over, in the future.

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