Make: Talk 004 - Steve Lodefink, Broad-Spectrum Hobbyist


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  1. solstice2005 says:

    For the record, the so-called “atomic ball clock” by Mr. Lodefink is nothing more than a copy of George Nelson’s iconic “Ball clock” designed in 1948 with Isamu Nogichi, Buckminster Fuller and Irving Harper.

    • steve lodefink says:

      Right you are!

      Here is a “quote” from George Nelson about that 1948 design session:

      “I remember that at some point Steve Lodefink came over, and he had this weakness for absynth you see, and we had all been hitting it pretty hard all night, anyway Steve grabbed the pencil from Isamu, and slurring something about radiation from the Atomic tests mutating everything into huge manifestations of what they had been or some such nonsense, I don’t know, nobody really remembers much about that night. When I brought the drawings to Herman Miller the next day they immediately pointed to the huge, 27 inch welded-steel version of Noguchi’s idea….”


    • robuluz says:

      For the record, Steve Lodefink just totally pwned your ass.

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