People in a bathroom sing "I Wanna Be Like You"

Here's a perfectly delightful cover of I Wanna Be Like You from the Disney film "The Jungle Book," performed by a group of young people crowded into a bathroom. Good acoustics and fine choreography!

JUNGLEBOOOK - I Wanna Be Like You (cover) (Thanks, Bethany!)


  1. I had the LP of this in the ’70s. My brother and I had (and still have) the whole song memorized, down to the last syllable of Prima’s scatting.
    Awesome fun.

  2. What’s on the blue-hoodied guy’s back in the shower?  A phone w/ lyrics maybe?  The guitar player reaches for it at the end and you can see the light on the palm of his hand… 

    1.  Yeah, and when whatever secret menace outside of their playful songscene attacks, he will be the first to go. It’s true. Read it on TV Tropes. I won’t provide the link because TV Tropes will destroy your life.

      1. TV Tropes will destroy your life.

        Only if you need to eat, sleep or shit someplace other than in front of the computer.

  3. Aww that’s an endearing homage to a good show! Unfortunately Disney will have them all thrown in federal prison soon…

  4. Not bad.  I have to say I think that’s the first cover of that song I’ve ever heard.  But I have to say noone will ever do it as good as Mr. Prima.  That’s definitely my one of my favorite Disney songs ever.

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