Shu Sugamata's origami spaceships

Avi sez, "Shu Sugamata has been making origami spaceships since 1977 and has amassed quite a body of gorgeous work."



  1. Those are amazing. Also check out these needlecraft space probes from the Planetary Society’s Emily Lakdawalla:

  2. Not going to lie. I didn’t see a spaceship when I first glanced at the banner image. I saw something… quite different.

  3. I love Star Wars and origami- but damn that shit looks HARD. I like the traditional ones more anyway. My 3 faves I know by heart: the classic crane, stellated octahedron, and ninja star.

  4. ZOMG – finally checked them out – PUHLEESE tell me he has diagrams. I want to do the Star Destroyer and SR-71 really bad. I wonder if these are done with just one sheet.

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