brokep on the entertainment industry

Peter Sunde, the notorious and entrepreneurial "brokep" who co-founded the Pirate Bay, writes in Wired about his view on the entertainment industry's corruption and the cluelessness of the lawmakers who side with them: "Evidently, Warner Brothers felt that the investigation was taking too long. The studio contacted the police officer in charge of the investigation (one person that worked mostly by himself) and before I had even been questioned by him, he interviewed for a job with Warner Brothers."


  1. So some people in Sweden made a lot of money in bribes and some others get to go to jail. It’s a wonderful world we live in. Thanks RIAA.

    1.  More entertaining than that, the US demanded another nation take legal action that was in violation of that countries laws.
      And now the whole thing fits on a flash drive… hows shutting them down working out for ya **AA’s?

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