Drive-thru funeral parlor: "It's a convenience thing."


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  1. Brad H. says:

    Woah, and tourists in Australia have a hard time with the concept of a drive-thru bottle shop.

  2. Guest says:

    From the city that brought you drive-by shootings, drive-in theaters, drive-up restaurants, drive-thru convenience stores, custom car culture, the annual Blessing of the Cars, drive-in churches (and that’s just off the top of my head), it’s sadly perfectly fitting.

    • guanto says:

      drive-by shootings

      Hardly an American innovation.

      drive-in theaters

      Camden, NJ.

      drive-up restaurants

      Springfield, IL.

      Maybe the word you were looking for is “embraced?”

  3. Matthew Koopman says:

    I just had a fantasy of driving up, saying “It sure is dead in here!”, then leaving.
    Am I a horrible person?

  4. Pepijn says:

    People who can’t even be bothered to  find a parking space and get out of their damned car to view my rotting corpse can just stay the fuck away as far as I’m concerned. Or not, of course, since I’m not likely to care any more anyway…

  5. saint_al says:

    Drop off flowers, pick up sammich & fries. Roll on. 

  6. Halloween Jack says:

    iiiiiiiiiiii love a paraaaaaaaaaaaaade

  7. I was really surprised this wasn’t in Florida.

  8. Graysmith says:

    Maybe the next thing will be a funeral parlor at Walmart. “Drop off your dead loved ones before the weekend grocery shopping, all in one convenient location!”

  9. EeyoreX says:

    “The funeral is for the living, Nate…”

  10. awjt says:

    Wait a minute.  I’m confused by the pic.  Do the cars drive in, or does the casket roll by?

  11. ChicagoD says:

    You know, I’d always heard that this was mostly used because of retaliation and follow-on gang killing. (1) shoot down one banger. (2) wait for the funeral, when the gang congregates so you can shoot more of them. (3) profit! Staying on the move makes this a little harder to do.

  12. Mister44 says:

    “Yeah – uh – I ordered my mother, who is a 78 year old white female, and what I got in my box is a black male, looks to be mid 50s…”

    “Sorry for the mix up, sir, we will be right out with your correct order.”

    “OK thank you.”

    “Would you like extra packets of holy water?”

  13. photodawg says:

    This was done about 20-25 years ago in Atlanta. I think it failed within a year. There, the casket was inside a window, like a drive thru bank, and the cars passed (no pun intended) on the outside. As for me, I have made it plenty clear that I will be cremated.

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