Elephant bean-bag chair


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  1. Stefan Jones says:


  2. TheMadLibrarian says:

    I’d love something like this for the children’s room, except that it would probably self-destruct within months after 100s of children jumped on it.  $450 worth of design, great, but is it $450 durable too?

    • oncetwicethreetimes says:

      It’s actually $450 for the beanbag, and another $450 for shipping. And as it is “manufactured in Italy” it shouldn’t even be listed on Etsy. It’s not made by the seller.

  3. Tennis Anyone says:

    This must be the stupidest thing I have ever seen.  $450 bucks??? You have GOT to be kidding.

  4. chupsahey says:

     But where is its precious ivory? STOLEN BY THE CHINESE most likely.

  5. Dear Readers,
    thank you very much for all the constructive comments.

    The prototype as been tested for more then a year with kids. We were able to wash anything spilled on it (you name it).

    Shipping costs is 30 euros max depending where you purchase.

    TANTO was designed by mysef: http://www.conceptualdevices.com toghether with my cousin who manufacture it as a result of a summer workshop with our daughters. Since she works with sewing machines and I with computers we decided that I would run and Etsy shop. This was considered not “personal” enought by Etsy and they shut it down without any previous notification. So we decided to open an other shop:

    warm regards,


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