Kickstarting a book about the characteristics shared by US VPs, first ladies and presidential appointees

Ian Randall Strock, author of the Random House book The Presidential Book of Lists, writes with news of a companion volume, Ranking the Powers Behind the Oval Office: Vice Presidents, First Ladies, and Presidential Appointees, which he hopes to produce through the good graces of direct reader support in the form of a Kickstarter project:

So I'm coming to you, the Kickstarter community, to help fund the completion of Ranking the Powers Behind the Oval Office: Vice Presidents, First Ladies, and Presidential Appointees.

Ranking the Powers... will share its format with the first book: a series of top-five lists comparing and contrasting the people closest to the President. It will be divided into sections covering the Vice Presidents, the First Ladies, other family members, members of the Presidential Cabinets, and the Supreme Court justices. There will also be general sections giving information on all the Vice Presidents and First Ladies, and my determination of the characteristics of the average Vice President and average First Lady.

My research is completed, and the writing is nearly finished. Now I turn to you for the financial help to turn this labor of love into a finished, presentable, readable book.

Ranking the Powers Behind the Oval Office (Thanks, Ian!)


  1. Unless the kickstarter includes plans to enrich the commons with CC-licensed content I will not support it. Why should the commons be begged for money and yet not be enriched by the donations that the commons provides?

    I only “donate” to content generation that enriches everyone, not just myself. There’s no reason this book shouldn’t be at least CC-BY-NC once it is fully funded. The author benefits so much from the donation it only fair to the commons.

    If BoingBoing and the The Diesel Sweeties guy could do it, why not this guy?

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