Two Tibetans shot dead, another self-immolation, as China's dissent crackdown continues


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  1. IamInnocent says:

    How do the recent events play inside China? Are they publicized at all?

    • DiabloD3 says:

      Somehow I doubt it. The difference between Chinese and American mass media is in China they never talk about it, in America they talk about it but blame whichever side isn’t the 1%.

    • yopdiesel says:

      No news at all. No one has even heard of these recent events. No one here really cares anyway… Tibet is China, period.

  2. Jayarava says:

    The problem for the Tibetans is that no government in the world denies China’s claim to rule there. There is no discussion similar to talks on Syria’s crack down; no question of a UN vote. And the Chinese are just waiting for the Dalai Lama to die so they can appoint his successor (not for the first time either).  There is no reason for the Chinese to withdraw, no benefit to them, and no leverage which the Tibetans might use to move them. 

    The question is whether mass suicide is likely to move the Chinese politburo to compassion? The answer is *obviously not*.  It’s a story with no possible happy ending. So, while it is distressing to hear about monks committing suicide by burning themselves, I can’t help feeling depressed knowing that the gesture is futile. It get’s worse because suicide is a weighty negative karma. Unlike Muslim suicide bombers who expect to go to paradise, the suicidal monks cast a pall over their society because in murdering themselves they are destined for a stay in hell (though not permanently). The gesture is worse than futile, it actually makes the situation bleaker. Monks are looked up to by the ordinary people. Now not only are they are oppressed,  but the monks have lost hope and are committing suicide instead of sicking to their vows. 

    I don’t think there’s any parallel with Vietnam in the 1960s. The Chinese overlords are an entirely different animal. They really don’t care what the world thinks of them, and they are quite prepared to sacrifice the few for the good of the many. The old Confucian ideal of stable society being more important than any one individual has not been erased by Communism, only enhanced. 

    The Karmapa’s statement is a study in helplessness. He can’t afford to be political for fear that China will lean on India to withdraw their support for the Tibetan diaspora. He even admits that Tibet is more prosperous than it was. The Chinese govt has brought material prosperity to Tibet and this only confirms the rightness of what they are doing in their own minds. It is the fulfilment of their duty.

    So pity the Tibetans, because as many Syrians are killed by their own leaders, they at least have some hope of deliverance. The Tibetans are well and truly fucked.

  3. WaylonWillie says:

    Thanks for continuing to post these stories, Xeni.

  4. benher says:

    Free Tibet? 
    Not if it means an end to $0.25 snow globes at Wal Mart!

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