Writing office for National Geographic's "Explorer in Residence"


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  1. freshacconci says:

    Love the space, especially the bookshelves. I’m not so hot on the decorations, however. (Not that I would complain if I was offered this space).

  2. twodimensionalme says:

    Ah, nice, but looks so uncomfortable.

  3. It is awesome but 1. how do you get your books when you turn 65 and what’s with the laptop from 1993?

  4. machinelf says:

    Gorgeous room! I’m not sure I’d want that much sunlight hitting my books, though.

  5. SamSam says:

    Wade Davis is very high on my list of people I would have wanted to have been.

  6. Jim Saul says:

    That is gorgeous. Plus, during an earthquake it will look like a rainbow of knowledge. And horns.

  7. WaylonWillie says:

    Beautiful room. When I become “explorer in residence” I will take down all the skulls and store them in a cardboard box. Ok, send me my invitation now please.

  8. I never knew Navajos had kivas.  Wait…we don’t!

    • wizardru says:

      I think the confusion comes from stuff like the Great Kiva and many such structures existing on or near Navajo lands in New Mexico.  A quick google of ‘Navajo Kiva’ returns multiple results.  [of course, the Great Kiva was once called an 'Aztec Ruin', so...you know...]

  9. planettom says:

    I’m glad it’s in Washington, DC.   If it were in, say, San Francisco, or Los Angeles,  I picture the day a minor tremor sends a shower of books down that well onto the explorer-in-residence.   Death by books!

    I hope there are speakers there continually playing the National Geographic Theme.

    “Look at this cool room /
    it means that I’m the explorer-in-residence *boom boom*

  10. Ladyfingers says:

    I think Boing Boing needs an “apotheosis” tag.

  11. VideoMonkey says:

    Definitely a gorgeous space.  I have to wonder, however, how many staff jobs were cut or turned into “contract positions” to pay for this.  I worked at Natty G and saw 8 out of the 12 positions in my department disappear in a year and a half…and more recently the company cut 15% of staff.  This custom-made office seems like the kind of perk you’d see justified by a Fortune 500 with “Well, we have to attract the best talent.”  Um…isn’t “National Geographic Explorer in Residence” on your name plaque pretty much one of the top rewards for a scientist/explorer?  Not that scientists shouldn’t be able to have some nice things…this just seems like a boondoggle that could’ve been spent on – if not employees – then, you know, science?

    • jerwin says:

      I think that this is Dr. Davis’s home office, bought and paid for with his own money, rather than National Geographic-provided perk. 

  12. I wonder how much time out of each year this person spends actually exploring? Seems it would be tough to tear oneself away from such a cool looking office.

  13. Mister44 says:

    What a smart idea for keeping your porn stash out of reach.

    A few comments:

    1) AWESOME looking.

    2) Is that just a regular ladder? I hate ladders. When you get older you will hate them too. If it were some how attached to a rail and castors with a hand rail, that would make it perfect. Maybe even a spiral stair case.

    3) Wouldn’t all that sun start to bleach your spines?

  14. Alex North-Keys says:

    For an obscure-yet-not appearance of the same idea in popular media – in World of Warcraft, in the city of Dalaran, is an Inscription studio with essentially the same library idea.  With a few differences:

    * In Dalaran, the ceiling library cylinder appears taller inside than the building is on the outside.
    * The tenants use magic rather than ladders to fetch/store the books (see one floating in the image).

    Image:  http://www.talisman.org/~erlkonig/Unlistable/dalaran-inscriptors-library.jpg

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