Faithfully replicating a World of Warcraft realm in Minecraft at 1:1 scale


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  1. AnthonyI says:

    Can building a WOW world in Minecraft be considered a copyright violation?  I just wonder if your putting your neck out there by doing something like this.

  2. Rockmetteller says:


  3. gaiapunk says:

    gosh people have a lot of time on their hands

  4. Andrew S. says:

    I do so love Boing Boing, but sometimes their unbridled love and admiration for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder concerns me a bit. 

    • Richard Dagenais says:

      If you read the thread, this isn’t a story about obsessively recreating a WoW realm in Minecraft. I mean, it is but thats only what a layperson sees. Really its a story about clever programming, and coming up with an elegant solution to a problem.

      Its quite entertaining to watch the moderator of the forum transition from his original “you can’t do that, we know better” tone to ultimately begging the guy to share his work with them.

      This is exactly the kind of post I like to see on BB. Thanks Cory!

      • Andrew S. says:

         I think it was just how I became aware of Minecraft that drove the statement. Had some friends who spent days/weeks constructing remade movie sets, etc. Step by step…that speaks of OCD to me. Fun OCD, but OCD nonetheless.

        • foobar says:

          No more so that someone who spends years working on a model train set in their basement, carefully painting Warhammer figurines, or collating fantasy football statistics.

    • travtastic says:

       I’m pretty sure that you could describe any serious hobby as applied OCD.

  5. Jon Bakos says:

    All of *Kalimdor???*  That is a lot of free time, times a gabillion.

  6. liquidstar says:

     Truly,  an heroic undertaking!  I have a feeling some nostalgia for WOW is setting in; what with Blizzard finally having a real competitor (feel the force Luke…) ; mayhap that WOW is finally waning. 

    • Marko Raos says:

      Sadly Luke is absent from that… thing. Or maybe thankfully?

    • Blinkers says:

       A real competitor?  It’s still in the ‘latest MMO annoyance that Blizzard is just keeping their eye on’ stage.

      • Jon Bakos says:

        I like SW:TOR, but I think Blizzard’s biggest enemy right now is genre fatigue.  Lots of folks are simply *sick* of WoW, and it wouldn’t matter what they added to the game.  There’s only so many times someone can gather ten ape asses and have it still be interesting.

        Much like MS Windows won’t be killed off by a better OS, but rather the death of its platform of the PC, I think WoW’s fate will be similar – not killed by a better ‘Gather 10 Ape Asses’ MMO, but by some different sort of game(s) entirely.

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