SF flash fiction from Gaiman, Moorcock, Westerfeld, Ann Vandermeer, Gene Wolfe and others

Greg sez, "Check out this collection of all-new flash fiction from some huge names -- Neil Gaiman, Lev Grossman, Scott Westerfeld, Michael Moorcock, Gene Wolfe, N.K Jemisin, IO9 contributing editor Ann VanderMeer, and tons more -- based around a fantastically monstrous illustration by Las Vegas artist Jeremy Zerfoss. It's fun, quick to browse through, combines big genre names, cool artwork, and... monsters!"

These really are great fun! Here's Lev Grossman's "The Solar Medusa":

This appears to be a happy sun, the kind that an innocent child might draw amid fluffy white clouds in a bright blue sky. Do not be fooled. This is not a happy sun, and it does not wish you well. The Solar Medusa is a floating, translucent gasbag that cleverly interposes itself between you and the real sun, lining up its outline so that when it is in position its presence is nearly undetectable to the naked eye. Once the medusa's prey—that's you—is blinded by the glare, it lowers its long, golden tentacles—what might be termed its 'rays'—and draws you up into its warm, sunny embrace. The process of digestion takes weeks. You won't enjoy it.

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  1. Doesn’t ‘slash fiction’ normally imply a certain amount of sex? Kirk/Spock, Solo/Skywalker, Meaker/Claypole etc.

        1. Me too. I totally read it as “slash” fiction by Gaiman and Moorcock.

          … and am ashamed to admit I was actually a little intrigued by the thought…

          1. Not to be confused with Nana-fiction, which is an extremely upsetting sub-genre of slash fiction.

  2. J M McDermott’s on there too! He’s a friend of mine and absolutely excellent.

    His first one, Never Knew Another is really an excellent example of genre fiction as literature. I can’t wait to read my wife his second one (which just came in the mail).

    I’m just excited to see him there.

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