90-year old grandma's dance tribute to Whitney Houston

Video Link. YouTuber Adam Forgie of Utah, the person behind the camera, shoots these lovely videos with some regularity. "I take care of my legally-blind, near-deaf grandmother," he explains. "She may be blind, but she can still dance! She likes the attention." You can follow her on Twitter here.

Update: Boing Boing readers in various spots around the world report that the video is blocked in certain countries outside the US. This is dumb. Sorry.


  1. Ah, screw you GEMA… Protecting composers is one thing, being the lackey of an industry that’s exploiting artists instead of supporting them is a totally different story.  I wonder if GEMA will ever arrive in the 21st century.

  2. Adorable and sort of heartening, actually. Lucidity [and moves!] in the 90s are a lovely thing to behold.

    1. It’s not that I haven’t seen it (pretty cute, actually), it’s that it’s always such a hassle when it shouldn’t be. I’m using something called UltraSurf from a virtual Windows machine.

  3. The fact that this video is blocked in other countries is not just “dumb”. The same authors of SOPA and PIPA in the USA have forced implementation of stringent, overreaching, and what otherwise should be illegal copyright rules around the world. From DVD regions that were implemented over a decade ago, to USA backed international equivalents of SOPA requiring foreign countries to block copyrighted content in any form (including a grandmother singing a song). 

    USA copyright law impacts the rest of the world in dangerous, imperialistic ways.  US corporate lobbyists don’t limit themselves to US law. They work internationally, including getting the US government to ‘encourage’ international treaties that are detrimental to signing partners, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We (the US) bully countries into signing treaties that the US would never willingly enter. The ‘missing’ video is just a minor example of this.

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