Sex doll in a box

The head of an inflatable sex doll is pictured in a box at Ningbo Yamei plastic toy factory, on the outskirts of Fenghua, Zhejiang province, February 13, 2012. The company started producing sex dolls three years ago, and now owns a total of 13 types of dolls at the average price of 100 RMB (16 USD). More than 50,000 sex dolls were sold last year, about fifteen percent of which were exported to Japan, Korea and Turkey, according to the company. (REUTERS/Jason Lee)


  1. “She was ditched in that pile of boxes — plastic knife left behind at the scene.  But we just got the report back from the lab.  She never made it out of the factory before…”

    “You mean…?”

    “Yeah.  She was murdered.  Only murdered.”  He didn’t complete his thought out loud:  Murdered before she could be used for her intended purpose.  He couldn’t help but think that maybe it was a blessing.

    Find out what happens next, in the new novel:  The Graveyard of Unused Sex Dolls

  2. Something I find terribly distressing and frequently repulsive is the salacious delight many people take in the suffering of heterosexual men (in particular) who have no woman in their life.    While I’m sure it’s probably funny to the average Jackass-watching frat house shit, pointing and laughing at people who are lonely and suffering is a vile and hateful thing to do.

    Given the dozens of emotional, spiritual and biological layers upon which the aching need for female companionship exist for a man, and how the failure to form a relationship only further saps that man’s ability to find someone, it is more than understandable the lengths to which they will go to make the pain stop.   Being alone must be like looking through a window at a party to which you are never invited.  How cruel for those who have someone to then raise a glass towards that window.

    I often wonder why our society does absolutely nothing to teach people how to form lasting, successful relationships.  We do nothing to help people have fulfilling sex lives.  The most destructive force in society, without question, is sexually frustrated young men who cannot find a mate, followed closely by divorced men who are then trampled upon by others for their attempts to dispel their loneliness.  There isn’t a biped walking this Earth who doesn’t know how evil it is to deliberately perpetuate such a tragedy.  But that doesn’t stop us from allowing society to torment those less fortunate with endless sexual imagery and myths about how much “everyone else” is getting.  

    It’s disgusting.

    1. Something I find terribly distressing and frequently repulsive is the salacious delight many people take in the suffering of heterosexual men (in particular) who have no woman in their life.

      You think it’s any better hearing jokes about wearing a caftan and having too many cats?

      1. Since this article was about a product presumable aimed at heterosexual men with unfulfilled sexual  – and quite possible emotional – needs I fail to see why you feel the need to divert the issue. 

        Sorry, but I find this as distasteful as I would think of diverting  „men have problems too“ – posts in Xeni’s article about botched abortions.  

        This would be justified only a little bit if coffee100 made jokes about people wearing caftans and having too many cats. Did he?

      2. Why would you ever make fun of people who do either of those things? Scratch that, why would you ever make fun of people you deem to be inferior to you or possibly deranged in some way, period.

        Surely there’s more fun to be had doing something productive (or at least not destructive)?

        1. I was pointing out that people also make fun of single gay men. I didn’t realize that I would be breaking up an exclusively heterosexual pity-fest.

          1. So… gratuitous strawman, then? What does ones sexual orientation have to do with any of that? None of those things are okay.

            Edit: I apologize. I parsed your original comment wrong and completely missed the word “hearing.” I’m just not that well-versed in the art of mocking gay men and don’t know all the (apparently) usual insults. Lack of practice I guess.

    2. Really? Sex dolls are off the comedy menu now because it draws attention to the plight of sexually frustrated heterosexual men? What about dildos, they’re still funny, right? And Internet porn. You’ll have Conan’s writers jumping out the window if that gets confiscated.

    3. When I first read this I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be funny.  Judging by the replies it is not.  Being lonely sucks, but I don’t see how a blow up doll makes one not feel lonely.  It’s weird, and chances are having a blow up doll will make you more alone.  If you want to meet someone, go offline, and hit the town.  Go anywhere and be sociable, open yourself to human interaction; smiling at strangers or saying hi as you pass by takes no effort, but does loads in improving your mood, especially when you get a positive response .  A man with confidence (minus creep factor) is very attractive.  I was shopping with my mom over the holidays and a stranger came up to me, introduced himself and shook my hand,  told me I was very pretty, and walked away.  If I wasn’t in a meaningful long term relationship or had single female freinds, I would’ve gone after him.

      1.  I think one of the issues is your “minus creep factor” requirement. Lonely men often end up being seen as creepy by women and, well, they are – but they don’t realize it, and they can’t necessarily help it. They never get anywhere by being confident – especially if they try what the guy did with you over the holidays – and they never realize that they’re creepy and so never improve. And then they give up because they never get anywhere.

        Further – going places and being sociable and open to human interaction is extremely difficult for many people. Those who these things come easy to often find it impossible to understand how someone could be even mildly introverted. It’s extremely frustrating for introverts to be told that they should just go out and be sociable.

    1.  I love that show, I re-watched it all last year. 
      “You give my arse a headache Rodney, you really do.”

  3. What I can never get my head around is how anyone could look at that lump of crude plastic with its comical rendition of a human face and maintain the erection necessary to validate the use of such a blatantly awful looking object. I’ve heard that you can get a gel filled can that simulates a mouth, vagina or bum, surely closing your eyes and using your imagination is 1000x better than sticking your nob in a beach toy with delusions of grandeur?

    1. It’s much easier being a bottom. You don’t have to look at your silicone companion, because he’s hidden where he can do the most good.

  4. “Ningbo Yamei plastic toy factory, on the outskirts of Fenghua, Zhejiang province,”

    Yes, I can attest to the fact that lots of white American males are attracted to Asian women.

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