Apollo 17 astronauts singing on the moon

El Zombre sends us this great video of Apollo 17 astronauts singing a silly song together on the moon surface. I dug in a little, and Wikipedia confirms that this is real footage!

Thanks El Zombre! [Video Link]


      1. Dave Scott, Apollo 15 CDR: “It’s a lot like walking on a trampoline.  That’s a pretty good way to think about it.” (Quoting from memory but correct in the sense of it.  It’s in the DVD extras for a movie I’d rather not own up to seeing.)

  1. It’s nice to see that it wasn’t all work and that the astronauts had a sense of whimsy. I realize that the official footage has to of import and such, but this shows that it was just a couple of guys, cream of the crop mind you, but still guys that could goof off.

  2. I have the documentary “For All Mankind” on DVD and it includes this footage.  There’s another funny scene where one astronaut is teasing the other about how dirty he has gotten as they kicked up a good amount of dust while on the moon and it stuck to their suits.  They also show an astronaut drop a feather and hammer at the same time and they fall at the same rate, as well as Alan Shepard’s famous golf shot. 

    1. Ditto.

      I had to watch to see if there really was amazement at what we saw happen for real. Makes us feel old that we were there and it evidently looks like obscure ancient history, doesn’t it? Next:  Did Alan Shepard really drive a golf ball on the moon?

  3. Hippity-hoppity is one of my favorites. It’s genius Gene Cernan. Apollos 16 & 17 have some great stuff. 17’s singing, of course. 16 is a blast to watch because Charlie Duke falls down frequently and John Young, the baddest ass off them all, famously discusses farting on the moon. 

  4. I’m just pleased to learn that I’m not the only person who sings to themselves about what they’re currently doing. “Oh … I’m … scrubbing up the bathtub cause it’s got a ring, got a ring, got a ring.” 

  5. you know, some people
    in the computer business
    can be pretty creative,

    unlike the traditional

    you know, the astronauts
    didn’t read poetry.

    but that’s changing.

  6. Of course, the Apollo 11 astronauts sang:

    “We’re whalers on the moon. We carry a harpoon.
     But there ain’t no whales,
    so we tell tall tales, 
    and sing a whaling tune.”

  7. Go meet some Apollo astronauts while you still can. Search for ‘astronaut appearances’ and space autograph events. 

    1. I came across Gene Cernan and Jim Lovell at Airventure Oshkosh.  It is amazing how they can be anonymous and unrecognized.

      Jim Lovell was waiting for luggage at O’Hare with me once.  I had tell a stranger, “You know Apollo 13?  That’s the guy.”  “Tom Hanks?”

      I ran into Alan Sheppard at a Vegas casino and was so awestruck I just waved like a droolling fanboi.

  8. I remember this too. I feel old, hearing that someone had to look it up on Wikipedia to confirm its veracity.

  9. If you’re really looking to lose track of the next few days, I suggest you check out the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal website, which contains the catalog of all the Apollo missions’ complete radio communication transcripts, photographic film indexes and video clips such as this. 
    http://history.nasa.gov/alsj/main.html (Seriously, clear your schedule. Its going to take a while to sift through.)

  10. Also as heard samples on Juno Reactor’s Luna-Tic.. I did NOT realize that sample was really moon stuff.  Awesome!!!

    Edit to add a link!

  11. This makes me wish the moon landings really had been faked. How awesome would it be if the government put together a vast hoax, swearing thousands of people to secrecy, just so they could get some guys to hop around singing?

  12. Dr. Owen K. Garriott is from my hometown–I remember when we renamed Market Street for him–and he’s a righteous cat. Check out what he’s done for kids there. We took our daughter there a couple of years ago, as part of a vacation to see where I used to live. If you’re in the area, you should check it out.

    EDIT: Oh, and he’s not in that video. I got overly excited and forgot my history. It’s been a long and miserable day. But he’s still a righteous cat.

  13. I can see no better time or place to skip and sing… and why not? After all who was going to stop them?

  14. I’m surprised that so many people haven’t heard this before. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it in documentaries over the years. Of course, cos I is old, I remember it from the original transmissions, too.

  15. I won’t feel I’ve gotten my tax dollars’ worth until I hear Curiosity crooning out an increasingly legato and basso Bicycle Built For Two on the surface of Mars.

  16. I remember watching this live too.  By the time Apollo 17 came along, watching astronauts on the moon had gotten pretty mundane for viewers at home.  They would spend hours at a time on the moon surface and even had a dune buggy to ride around in.  It was not unusual for the astronauts to clown around and ham it up like this just to keep it interesting for the audience back on earth.

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