Bookless at Madison Public Library


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  1. If the library at Alexandria hadn’t been burned to the ground, we might well be living in an interstellar civilization right now.

  2. Arys says:

    Looks like quite the happenin’  “happening”

  3. Sweeny says:

    The concept reminds me somewhat of “the Librarium” from Rainbow’s End

  4. neko says:

    I attended the daytime art event. Wasn’t able to attend the dance party.

    Anyways, I posted a few photos of the art to flickr, if anyone is curious.

  5. License Farm says:

    I went to school almost an hour south of Madison; were I there now, I would have loved to attend this. (Of course, if I was who I was then I might have been oblivious to it.) Thanks for posting this; it looked delightful.

  6. ispock says:

    My family attended this wonderful event!  My 10 year old son had the time of his life figuring out how to work an old microfiche, exploring the basement, asking the Oracle a question, and throwing hundreds of old card catalog cards into a big glass-walled display.   It was a really great community event.  

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