Leaked, unreleased Die Antwoord track: "Money and Da Power"


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  1. Adam Goetz says:

    what was the closing lyric? was it an FU to zuckerberg?

  2. So, wait…dude had his own trampoline before he got the $200 Mil?

    Some guys have all the luck!

  3. mouse says:

    they played this at the show at irving plaza on saturday–i was amazed! so good

  4. fett101 says:

    Download limit reached. Someone throw this thing on a torrent or something, please.

  5. halfsquirrel says:

    Fifteen minutes are up. What’s the next disposable internet meme?

  6. fink says:

    15 minutes??? I say Die Antwoord FOREVER!

  7. twodimensionalme says:

    Die Antwoord should give Boing Boing something like 20% of their incomes.

  8. Robert Sanchez says:

    Die Antwoord are pretty good, thanks boingboing.
    Find me more music!

    • twodimensionalme says:

      Robyn, the Libertines, Björk, Prodigy, the Velvet Underground, Polysics, Polysics, Polysics, Kana (“Hebi Ichigo” on YouTube), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Pixies, Sleigh Bells, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

      You need all of them.

    • Alan Olsen says:

      I bought the new album. Some of it I like, some of it I find annoying, some of it I hate. You REALLY have to like the “boast and brag” style of rap to stand big chunks of the album.  Never got into that.

      It was worth a try though.

  9. Xeni Jardin says:

    Whiners gotta whine.

    Gangstas gotta gangst.

  10. Rex Sundstrom says:

    Well the album reviews are rolling out now, from what I have read, everyone’s pretty much in agreement. It’s not very good.

    • thezarray says:

      It’s an unwritten rule that every critic must hate the sophomore album because it can never live up to the first, but the third may show much potential.

      So basically it’s like raising children. 

  11. Brad Collins says:

    Really, a Coca Cola logo tattoo?  Is that supposed to be cool, or a weak attempt at irony?   I’m not one to normally advocate such things, but I would support Coca Cola getting an injunction against this guy for trademark infringement, against this guy to wear a shirt in public….  

  12. teapot says:

    I instinctively avoid people who wear t-shirts with international versions of the Coke logo. It’s like they’re surprised that people in other countries are advanced enough to have soft drinks or something. I never knew why Die Antwoord doesn’t speak to me, but now I do… though this track doing a pretty good job of turning that around.

    I bet you this was put up by Die Antwoord themselves (thereby meaning it is not a leak) because of the obvious legal implications with the sample.

    Here’s a link if you need:
    mp3 d/l:

  13. fink says:

    “THey say money caint buy me luv, but it sho as fuck can buy me this here black Subaru!”
    ….I always figured real gangstas would start getting into Subarus sooner or later.

    • teapot says:

       I recently found out that in South Africa (on authority from an actual South African) Subarus are highly desired, highly priced cars on par with a Merc/BMW.

      • fink says:

         Weird.  I live in Santa Fe, NM now–the Subaru capital of the universe.  It gets real at the Whole Foods parking lot, let me tell you.

  14. delfinclutch says:

    I like that Die Antwoord continue to do their own thing.

    I just prefer it when they do it when and where I can’t hear it.

  15. dscott says:

    I kept thinking that what the new album needed was just one more really strong track. I still think it’s great overall, but one real ear-catching tune would have catapulted it to the heights of insanity and creativity that its predecessor achieved. Maybe a song with a recognizable sample like this one might have done it for me. 

  16. Anya K says:

    Is Boing Boing an official sponsor of Die Antwoord or something? I get that you like them Xeni, but there are plenty of other amazing bands that could do with a bit of publicity as well.

  17. purple-stater says:

    Okay, so a comment of a simple “blech” gets deleted?  Sorry for going against the flow.

    I don’t get it.
    I don’t understand it.
    I completely don’t like it.
    But good for them, being able to express themselves freely.

    I prefer music that makes me feel good.  I see no sense in listening to something that makes, or keeps, me depressed or angry.

  18. Tony Pappas says:

    Saw them in DC two days ago and they did this song.  The show was SICK.  thank you. BoingBoing, for introducing me to the amazing-ness that is Die Antwoord.

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