Steam-powered Stirling-engine toy car kit

This very beautiful working Stirling-engine steam-car model was made by the Germany company Böhm Stirling-Technik and sells for $500.

The stirling Car A1 (Thanks, Francesco!)


  1. When I saw the kit option for $42, I was very interested indeed. Alas, the I was actually looking at the kit discount of $42. But the idea of building/assembling this thing seems really cool.

    1. Aha, after reading the real article it is actually a Stirling engine powered model of a steam car.
      Rather than the Boingboing headline which suggests it’s a steam powered stirling engine (which approaches nonsense, like “steam powered jet engine”, they’re 2 different technologies. Although you could use a steam feed to provide the heat source for the stirling engine.)

  2. If you prefer the simple beauty of the engine by itself, these engines are stunning. It will actually run on the heat from the palm of your hand. I have one sitting over the radiator at home – I enjoy hearing its regular ticking sound in the background.

  3. Somehow (hopeful optimism!) I misread the text and thought this was LIFE-SIZED. I had visions of my costumed self riding it around the neighborhood. It’s like when Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes) finally gets his battery-propeller beanie in the mail and discovers that the motor isn’t powerful enough to allow him to fly around after all.

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