Steam-powered Stirling-engine toy car kit


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  1. When I saw the kit option for $42, I was very interested indeed. Alas, the I was actually looking at the kit discount of $42. But the idea of building/assembling this thing seems really cool.

  2. What does it use for fuel?

  3. PeterKVT80 says:

    The fuel is probably something like methyl alcohol. The heading of this article is wrong. Stirling engines don’t use steam!

  4. 9bytz says:

    Is there any footage of this thing in action?!!

  5. Stirling =/= steam.

     Bohm makes very nice Stirling engines.

    • Max says:

      Aha, after reading the real article it is actually a Stirling engine powered model of a steam car.
      Rather than the Boingboing headline which suggests it’s a steam powered stirling engine (which approaches nonsense, like “steam powered jet engine”, they’re 2 different technologies. Although you could use a steam feed to provide the heat source for the stirling engine.)

  6. GyroMagician says:

    If you prefer the simple beauty of the engine by itself, these engines are stunning. It will actually run on the heat from the palm of your hand. I have one sitting over the radiator at home – I enjoy hearing its regular ticking sound in the background.

  7. crummett says:

    It could use some line streaming.

  8. gracelovescostumesandhabaneros says:

    Somehow (hopeful optimism!) I misread the text and thought this was LIFE-SIZED. I had visions of my costumed self riding it around the neighborhood. It’s like when Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes) finally gets his battery-propeller beanie in the mail and discovers that the motor isn’t powerful enough to allow him to fly around after all.

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