Trophy heads of fanciful Seussian creatures

On DeviantArt, thebiscuitboy showcases his "zoological nonsense" creations, trophy-heads of fanciful creatures inspired by Dr Seuss. These are really fantastic (if a little disturbing).

Walrus, Baffler Bird II, Seuss Da Moose

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  1. ocschwar says:

    Dr. Seuss himself made trophy head sculptures of his whimsical creatures.
    I saw them on display in a gallery in Sausalito. 

  2. The disturbing factor is ratcheted up a notch with that lighting.

  3. hassenpfeffer says:

    Several years ago I bought a copy of The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss, and I think the sculptures were the most breathtaking things shown therein. If I had real money, I would gladly pay it for one of these objets d’art!

  4. wygit says:

    I saw these, or similar, at a Seuss gallery on Geary in San Francisco, along with a lot of prints and originals.

  5. Dicrel Seijin says:

    This is not just a “little” disturbing; this is a lot disturbing. I’d much rather have miniatures of the whole creature rather than just the heads. Of course, I understand the subsequent dioramas that could be created might be disturbing to others.

  6. orwell says:

    seems really creepy and kinda contradictory that seuss would “mount,” the heads of his creatures on plaques, liked hunted animals…  where’s the lorax head on a slice of endangered truffula wood?  however you can make a buck…

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