Trophy heads of fanciful Seussian creatures

On DeviantArt, thebiscuitboy showcases his "zoological nonsense" creations, trophy-heads of fanciful creatures inspired by Dr Seuss. These are really fantastic (if a little disturbing).

Walrus, Baffler Bird II, Seuss Da Moose

(via Super Punch)


      1. I have one on my wall. They’re < 1 million in reprint mode. Here is "the mulberry street unicorn"

  1. I saw these, or similar, at a Seuss gallery on Geary in San Francisco, along with a lot of prints and originals.

  2. This is not just a “little” disturbing; this is a lot disturbing. I’d much rather have miniatures of the whole creature rather than just the heads. Of course, I understand the subsequent dioramas that could be created might be disturbing to others.

  3. seems really creepy and kinda contradictory that seuss would “mount,” the heads of his creatures on plaques, liked hunted animals…  where’s the lorax head on a slice of endangered truffula wood?  however you can make a buck…

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