Unusual vintage Valentine's Day cards


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  1. PhosPhorious says:

    That first card.  Is. . .  is that guy fucking s cow?

  2. absimiliard says:

    Yeah, I think he is….

    -abs is disturbed by this, even more so given the cutesy-kitschy art-style used

  3. lilomar says:

    Some of these are obviously intentional.

    Your grandparents loved a good raunchy joke just as much as you do.

  4. Miss Cellania says:

    What is really perplexing is that the linked post is named The Top 100 Most Strange, Odd, Perplexing and Unintentionally Funny Vintage Valentine Cards EVER!
    and there’s only 34 of them.  

  5. monopole says:

    Shades of Women in Refigerators
    Is this the Valentine’s Day card the Green Lantern sends?

  6. tubacat says:

    Wondering why he put his url on the bottom of each image. To me, it kind of implies he “owns” or made the images -  maybe he owns the cards (or just found the images), but it seems odd to “mark” them this way…

    Great collection, though!

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