Apple and Foxconn to engage in Fair Labor Audit

Foster Kamer at Betabeat writes: "Apple released an announcement today explaining that the Fair Labor Association will be conducting an independent audit that is 'unprecedented in size and scale' in the electronics industry. As part of it, they contend that they’ll be interviewing thousands of Foxconn employees, and that the FLA will be taking the 'unusual' step of identifying the individual factories audited in their report."


  1. Apple’s own audit showed that the Chinese suppliers routinely (1) violated the contract between Apple and the supplier, (2) violated the contracts between the supplier and the employees, and (3) violated Chinese laws.

    This new audit is just bullshit PR crap for Western consumers.   See Gresham’s dynamic – only cheaters can win bids.  China is fraud-friendly.

  2. I was just wondering, when is Samsung going to hire a third party to audit the working conditions of the factories they use? Sony? Dell? Microsoft? Amazon? Nintendo? Acer? Nokia? Cisco? Motorola?

    1. Yes, instead of bashing Apple that is actually doing an audit, how about bashing the 8000 other companies going busienss as usual. Where do you thing all your droid phones are built? Next door in a factory with WORSE labor codes.

      1. It may surprise you to learn that international companies have been doing “third party audits” on working conditions since the 1990s in order to be labeled “ethical.” These companies can not only market themselves as caring for the plight of their third world workers, but their company can be included in exclusive “ethical” investment packages where conscientious investors will fund them.

        But what’s not surprising is that this is usually a sham. Inspectors are poorly funded, poorly trained, easily bribed, and not really in a position to be listened to if violations are noted (most “action plans” go unfulfilled). The “ethical” brand is all the company is after, not actually being ethical, and the inspections are the song and dance in which to obtain it (so the company and its consumers can go back to ignoring the deplorable conditions of their workers).

        Apple is just using the same 20 year old proven method of making its bad Foxconn PR go away, just like any other company would.

        1. That was my second question: who the f* is “Fair Labor Association?” I mean really. It would look better with the word “Coby” in front of it.

  3. Cynicism ad absurdium by some of the negative reactions.

    Ok, what are these people going to complain about next,  Apple making money? Keep me entertained.

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