Fox queues for ATM


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  1. awjt says:

    This reminds me of the scene in Fantastic Mr. Fox when Kylie the Opossum picks a lock with his Platinum card.

  2. OoerictoO says:

    so obviously photo-shopped.  lighting is wrong, shadow is off… 

  3. Dawn Foster says:

    This is actually from a photography project. It’s taxidermy. See here:

  4. Chicago_SC says:

    Little boy moved from where fox is placed (who the ladies are reacting to in the OG photo), but not a bad photoshop.


    I stand corrected, thanks Dawn Foster.

  5. RedShirt77 says:

    Can I have a pet fox now please…  and haha to those that said it was photoshoped

  6. Terry Border says:

    No, the fox was actually there, but all the people and the cash machine were ‘shopped in. I can tell because I enhanced the reflection in the fox’s eye.

  7. peejuan says:

    That’s NELSON, YOU C*!@!!#

  8. K M says:

    You can, in fact, have a pet fox – they are rather expensive, however, but the domesticated silver fox is actually available for sale. The process of domestication made them look a bit more doglike than the fox in this photo, but they are absolutely wonderful animals.

    I believe they are mostly sold by a company called Sibfox, at least in the US.

  9. Joel Phillips says:

    I was standing outside the Ritzy cinema in the centre of Brixton (south London) about 10 years ago when a fox trotted past me and the dozens of other people there, stuck its head into a litter bin, then walked off.  

  10. Stevko says:

    I would be careful around friendly fox. It might have rabies. Wikipedia says: „Probably at the beginning of the prodromal stage foxes, who are extremely cautious by nature, absolutely lose wild instincts. Animals come into settlements, reach for people, and behave as if tame.”

    • AlexG55 says:

      This photo was (I think) taken in Britain, so even if that was a live fox it almost certainly doesn’t have rabies (no rabies here except in bats).

  11. Roy Trumbull says:

    Foxes adapt. They are typically nocturnal and rarely seen in the daylight. In fact seeing one during the day one thinks it may be rabid. All that changed some years ago. I was on a mountain top populated with radio towers and was leaving a building when I saw this animal acting very much like a begging dog. It was a fox. It had figured out that when the noon whistle blew in a nearby town that it was lunch time. Time to beg for sandwich scraps. Talking to others who worked at the site, this had been going on for several years.

  12. Cicada Mania says:

    Reminds me of the various foxes from the Mighty Boosh.

  13. liquidstar says:

    He’s just waiting to retrieve his card skimmer.

  14. Sylvia says:

    Does this mean we will soon have to pay for Firefox?

  15. msbpodcast says:

    Well, its obviously not from the cast of Mongrels. :-)

  16. crnk says:

    A 21st century fox, perhaps?

    (Men in Tights reference, cf. 12th century fox)

  17. Lurking_Grue says:

    Vince?!?! Is that you?

  18. wolfwitch says:

    Too bad it was faked. I used to camp at a mountain campground that had a couple of “resident” foxes. They were actually quite friendly, although they wouldn’t let you go so far as to pet them. I couldn’t imagine a real fox doing what is in this picture though.

  19. Jens Alfke says:

    Hey, is this Boing Boing or is it Fox News?!

  20. Bill Hart says:

    Those who thought it was shopped were simply outfoxed.

  21. i live in putney, south west london.  one night a few years back i came out in the early hours to investigate a racket of noise,  a fox was hassling the downstairs neighbours cat. i tried throwing water.. no joy.. i then threw a trowel near the fox to startle it.  the trowel landed on the ground,the fox looked up at me in a robert de niro fashion.  it sauntered over to the trowel and picked it up in its jaws and took it home. 

    next day i went across the street to see where my rather nice trowel went..  it had been used to break in a car!
    someone should tell david icke about this!  or damned foxes work for the CIA/mossad et al..  funny thougb  :-)

  22. Brad Cleveland says:

    The ATM in the forest had a $4 / 3 squirrel fee…

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