Teapot made from tickets


6 Responses to “Teapot made from tickets”

  1. teapot says:

    Now I know why people keep telling me I have tickets on myself.

  2. 9bytz says:

    Funny design. There’s quite some stuff going round concerning teapots. I saw theme being made of coins, and lately even made out of paperclips. Can you believe that?!!

  3. From the look of it, these tickets come from the Globe Ticket Company!

  4. Finnagain says:

     Not tickets, ticks! You’ve got ticks on you!

  5. voiceinthedistance says:

    This is the perfect accessory for my bathtub made of books.

  6. Jeff Gates says:

    We’ve got three of his ticket bowls. They’re beautiful.

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