The invisible genocide of women


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  1. coryf says:

     Huh?  I’m confused, the title mentions genocide (that is the killing of people usually with racist overtones) but the text is all about rape ( a serious, but completely different issue).

    Which is it?

  2. ikonag says:

    If we are talking genocide then this seems relevant to the discussion: 

    160 million missing girls – ‘Sex selection’ is creating a new endangered species: women. A journalist investigates the countries with too many men.

  3. MashTheStampede says:

    Maybe everyone’s getting tired of this question, but what kind of fucked up world is this where people are capable of doing stuff like this?

    And as far as the hairsplitters on the question of genocide go, there are fates far worse than death.  To obliterate one’s mind and make useless the body are enough to cause serious damage to any race of human.  Such trauma extends through generations.  The girls born of these women will never be allowed to feel safe and secure.

    I’m devastated to hear news like this.

  4. Iamami says:

    Thank you for posting this, Xeni. No matter how difficult, these are stories we need to hear.

  5. ill lich says:

    This is horrible and tragic and indefensible.  Nevertheless, I think the use of the word “genocide” is getting overused.  The Nazis clearly intended to wipe out entire ethnic groups (Jews, Roma), similarly the Turks with their Armenian populations, the Serbs with Muslims, and then the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda . . . .   I don’t believe the rape and violent subjugation of a minority necessarily constitutes an attempt to wipe them out.  But I guess that’s just pedantry.

    That said, it’s hard to think humanity has come very far in our few thousand years of “civilization.”   Advances in technology and art sometimes seem to be just window dressing to obscure how violent we really are.

    • geth says:

      Ethnic cleaning is perhaps a better term. However, the desired ends are often the same.  One is an attempt to wipe out a group by killing all of the members of that group, the other is an attempt to wipe out a group by destroying their cohesiveness and spirit, and forcing them to raise the offspring of their enemies.

    • SedanChair says:

      But I guess that’s just pedantry.

      Yes, it is

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