Polygon Heroes: low poly-count 3D superhero posters


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  1. Samuel Valentine says:

    I have used that background paper texture so many times on quick Shop-jobs. It a shame that the designer thought that a cut-and-paste background was the best template for these really cool designs.

  2. bazzargh says:

    These are pretty odd when compared to the 3d mesh models from games that they seem to emulate. Critters in WoW would have similar polycounts to these, but would appear more detailed, in part because of the skinning, but also because the polys were chosen carefully. This looks more like the results of throwing a 2d image through one of the Artistic filters in  Photoshop or GIMP.

    Picking on one example – Iron Man. You could make a more recognizable Iron Man with a dozen geometric shapes – this isn’t low-rez at all. And I was going to find some old game pic to prove that point, but stumbled on this awesome set of papercraft superheroes on the way, so just enjoy this:

  3. robdobbs says:

    I thought this was kinda cool, until I saw you can do it with this 99¢ app: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/poly/id477351128?mt=8

  4. Stonewalker says:

    Whats up with all these pictures from the original Tomb Raider?

  5. Looks kind of cool. You could probably select any region at random, run the average filter, and fill that region with the average color calculated.

    also – If you want a regular triangular grid unrelated to the image structure:

  6. Jeb Adams says:

    Guy needs to watch himself if he benefits commercially from these. Reminds me of the Kind of Bloop mess.


    • Dan Hibiki says:

      Well, these are comic book companies, they produce comics, movies and games. What you referring to are charges made by the music industry who produce lawsuits.

      • Jeb Adams says:

        From a first guess, he’s not performing this work on a comic book image, but from a still photo or screen grab. THOSE copyright holders are the the tough ones. That Wonder Woman looks like it was generated from the Lynda Carter portrayal. The Thor image looks pulled from the Branaugh movie, &c. 

  7. Craig S. Stuckless says:

     Yeah, I really don’t understand all these artists HERE or other sites such as DA who incorporate Licensed Copywritten characters and not get sued into the ground!!? Or at least receive a D & D letter?
    Have things changed and no one told me? Is it okay to make money selling..something like this and just as long as one doesnt profit TOO much from it…

  8. martin gittins says:

    I built a Delaunay Vectorization app which you can use to make these kind of images. You can control how many triangs to add with each mouse click to add more detail in some areas. Download it here: http://labs.interfacedigital.co.uk/2011/11/03/delaunay-triangle-vectorization-2/

  9. Dan Hibiki says:

    You know smoothing at a 30 degree threshold does a world of good. so does a texture map.

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