SFPD corruption report from 1937


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  1. eldritch says:

    These days the private investigator would be more likely to be stopped in the street, beaten, arrested, have drugs planted on him, and die in prison of “self inflicted” wounds.

  2. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  3. IronEdithKidd says:

    It does seem that some things never change, though.  The rich get the best law they can afford to buy, and the poor get shafted.  Now it happens at the court level more so than at the street level.

  4. magic says:

    Nothing has changed.  Only the players have.  SF cops are some of the most corrupt I’ve ever encountered in the US.

  5. hankchapot says:

    Actually, one of Atherton’s investigators got beat down and arrested. After they knocked him to the ground they told him lying on the sidewalk was a pinchable offense.
    I’m giving away my research and selling a novel “Bordello Politique,” based on one of the characters from this episode, Dolly Fine, San Francisco’s most notorious madam.

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