Canadian tweeps bare all for spying MP

Canadian MP Vic Toews is pushing bill C-30, a domestic spying bill that requires ISPs to log your online activity and give it to police without a warrant. He says that if you don't support this, you "stand with child pornographers." Canadians are giving MP Toews what he wants: on Twitter, Canadians are flooding his account with the hashtag TellVicEverything, spilling the intimate secrets of their lives: "Had impure thought," Jeremy Klaszus. (Thanks, pbrstreetgang!)


  1. I propose Canadian government to introduce a new bill that will protect babysitter from predatory authority figure like Vic Towes. Anyone who disagree with me is shagging their babysitters.

  2. I absolutely approve of this method for dealing with intrusive monitoring. Fantastic. Next step would of course be to do the same thing with his email, office address etc. You know, prove you’ve got nothing to hide.

  3. He also manages to claim that the recent child porn bust by the OPP proves they need this law. Seems to me like it proves police are already doing a bang-up job without this massive surveillance overreach.

  4. He had this criticism about the long gun registry today while a bill was passed to cancel it… “This is simply an attempt to make people feel safe, rather than doing something substantive in criminal law.”… if that’s not contradictory enough, this is from the same government who cancelled making the long form census mandatory, due to them feeling it was overly invasive of citizen’s right to privacy.

  5. The beauty of his statement is that it captures, in a few words, exactly why his law cannot be passed.

    Anyone who opposes the law is on the side of child pornographers, and therefore suspect, and therefore should be subject to warrantless scanning of everything they do online.

    It won’t be much of a stretch to apply that to anyone who opposes any government initiative.  If you oppose one of the massive pipelines they want to build, you stand with the ecoterrorists.  If you support the NDP (official opposition) you are a dangerous socialist.  If you vote for the BQ (Quebec separatist party, currently on brink of oblivion) you are a traitor and want to break up the country.  If you oppose corporate tax cuts, you stand with the impoverishers and want to cause harm.  Scan them all, find something to use against them!


  6. Apropos of RAW Week, Wilson reported that, during the waning years of his life, he would E-Mail daily updates of all his activities to John Ashcroft, to save him the time and taxpayer expense of spying on him.

  7. I love the one from Jacques Cool @zecool that says, “I lost an email from my work account yesterday. Can I get your copy?”

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