LED Pulse Sensor for self-tracking applications

Do you want to add a more "human element" to your next project? The Pulse Sensor, available in the Maker Shed, measures subtle changes in light from expansion of the capillary blood vessels to sense your heartbeat. Gently place the sensor on any area of skin (such as a finger or earlobe) and it will transmit pulse data to your Arduino for processing. The downloadable sample Processing / Arduino code lets you visualize your pulse data right on your computer. It's a simple, non-invasive, inexpensive way to incorporate biofeedback into your projects. Need some great project ideas? Check out Becky Stern's Beating Heart Headband project from MAKE: Volume 29! NEW - Maker Shed now carries a 3.3V version of the Pulse Sensor that's perfect for Lilypads and other 3V Arduinos!


  1.  So, like, you could tell whether you’re alive or dead?

    KITH: Work Pig…at around the 2 minutes mark.

  2. So, basically, a pulse oximeter without the oximetry function? Nothing against DIY, but I’ll stick with the cheap oximeter I bought on eBay.

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