Official Lego Minecraft set ships this summer


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  1. Joseph Chang says:


  2. boingboingdave says:

    lame. This is like selling Cheerio themed Cheerios. Shame that this beat out awesome ideas like Back to the Future Lego sets, Shaun of the Dead Lego sets, or Legend of Zelda sets which were all submitted ideas.

    • Hanglyman says:

       I hate the direction LEGO has been going for the past couple decades, but I would totally buy a Legend of Zelda set if it was based on the old, blocky NES Zelda rather than the newer games that wouldn’t fit the style as well. Minecraft, though… not only does it seem like a redundant idea, it doesn’t even look like they did a very good job of it.

  3. eviladrian says:

    The obvious joke is that Minecraft Lego already exists and is called Lego, but it’s always good to see sets that allow for actual building rather than just assembling huge plastic components to make two kinds of robot.

  4. Kevin Pierce says:

    My son’s comment about Minecraft, which he plays way to much, is “This is what LEGO should have done.”

  5. TimmoWarner says:

    In this particular picture, the thin dirt layer everywhere plus the grass capping a stone block spoil it for me.

    If you’re going to try to sell Minecraft Lego, make it look like a world that could be generated in Minecraft! Attention to detail is always important in all things.

    Still a cool idea though.

  6. Gtmac says:

    Just another whirr of the (sub)cultural blender. After all, everything should be mixed with everything else and because you can do something definitely means that you should, right?

  7. ronan says:

    Isn’t the headline backwards?  I think that is an official Minecraft Lego set, not an official Lego Minecraft set.  

  8. Marko Raos says:

    Lol, this just demonstrates how misguided the whole mainstream gaming industry has become… When Lego Online was first announced we naturally expected a game where you can build your own virtual world and share it with friends.
    Instead we got lego-themed Wow with levels and quests-on-rails. Of course, it flopped.
    And then came Minecraft which IS Lego online. Done by one guy in a basement.. and based on what? Lego.

    And now Lego is using Minecraft for inspiration… Duh?

    Jeez what is wrong with those big IP corps? They could have had the stars, one of the strongest IPS in the world, they basically INVENTED pre-PC sandbox toy genre and then … did a WoW clone? Pissing on everything Lego stands for? The creativity, the openness.. Everything? For a myopically directed storyline “product”? Makes me sick. Really.

    Draw your own parallels with another big IP storyline-based mmo “product” that has come out recently.

  9. Godfree says:

    Just showed this pic to my former Lego-building, now self-proclaimed Minecraft addict 10-year-old son. He burst out laughing. I asked him if he would play with the Lego kit and he said he’d rather play “real” Minecraft.  

  10. jennybean42 says:

    Penny Arcade summed it up best:

  11. schrutzki says:


    Except the random iron crosses, isn’t this minecraft  lego set just the thing lego has been in the first way?

    Looks suspiciously like the basic legos that were all that was available when I started playing lego. 50 years ago…

    Next came windows (not the OS) and the whole thing got out of hand.

  12. AviSolomon says:

    The unique thing about this set was that it was crowd-sourced garnering 10,000 supporters on LEGO’s version of Kickstarter:

  13. Singe says:

    I like how the set is divided up into four ‘chunks’. Some make fun now, but you KNOW this will lead to massive Minecraft-based Lego creations. I want to see a Lego derp-tower. Or a Lego landscape with a missing chunk error.

    I’m just disappointed there are no redstone pieces which let you construct simple working circuits.

  14. BBNinja says:


  15. BBNinja says:

    I was actually holding out on spending my 70 bucks worth of lego store gift card which I had intended to use the brick store to make my own minecraftian set but I can see now that there’s no point waiting for the “official” set.  If they had used the game’s default textures on the bricks that would be worth it definitely but this just looks like crap. :/

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