Privacy plugin keeps Facebook from reading your updates

"Encrypt Facebook is a Chrome extension that would prevent snooping on the discussions,status updates in Facebook groups by storing it them in an encrypted format on Facebook's database instead of normal text and also it would convert encrypted format back into normal text whenever that particular group's url is accessed in Chrome." (Thanks, Joly!)


    1. I doubt anything gets sent to Google. Probably works with a password key that you would give out to your friends beforehand. Then anything you type would be encrypted with that password and decrypted by your friends’ plugin. Now that I think about it, it might not be too hard to create a bookmarklet to do this anywhere there is a comment or chat feature.

  1. Activists should be cautious about relying on this kind of thing, because even though the messages can’t be read by the bad guys, the authorities can and will notice that people are communicating using encrypted messages and do traffic analysis to find the “conspiracy”.  A better approach might be a Chrome extension that does steganography.  People’s Facebook pages might appear to be full of pictures of pets or children or something equally harmless, but people with the right plugin and password would see the messages, which might include links to the pages of other users to get the followups.

    1.  How about an additional plugin that generates quasi-random messages that appear to be encrypted, but actually have no content at all.

      These could be sent to congress-critters, Senators and various annoying right-wingers. Call it job security for the security-theater guys.

      And the more time they spend trying to decrypt this stuff, the less time they have to dream up any new idiocy.

      1. There should be entire Facebook accounts, legions of them, that generate this stuff.  I love the idea of Facebook being populated by bots that resemble in every way detectable through online means real people.

        For all I know that’s what it is anyway.  I just wish real flesh & blood people wouldn’t do it quite so much.  But what the hell; that’s their business.

    1.  they’re all codded messages for the Feline World Dominion group, the true puppeteers of the world.  They play with governments as a kitten plays with a ball of yarn, delighting in it’s unraveling… 

      1. “When Facebook rolled out the new Groups format last Fall, they did away with the threaded discussion forum, instead making discussions take place within the standard Wall format.  Threaded dsicussion forums are super useful for managing classroom discussions by topic; Wall discussions are a big chaotic”

        Technically Wall posts are threaded, yes.

  2. Interesting technical achievement. Would also do a good job of keeping your friends from reading your messages, as most of them aren’t going to bother to switch to chrome and/or install a plugin just to read your posts.

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