MC Chris cartoon show


12 Responses to “MC Chris cartoon show”

  1. eldritch says:

    From what I know of the man, BB refering to him as a nerdcore rapper would piss him off. He’s a very angry little man. Very, very angry.

    Anywho, my prediction is this is gonna go the way of the Dresden Codak show, id est, vaporware.

  2. royaltrux says:

    My backpack got jets.

  3. Dan Hibiki says:

    where’s my Aquabats BB? you promised me the show ages ago, well were is it?

  4. Joel Simmons says:

    Finally. A post about MC Chris!

  5. Pedantic Douchebag says:

    Zombies? How novel.

  6. Mister44 says:

    MC Chris rocks.  He beats the hell out of MC Fronts-and-backs

  7. Gulliver says:

    MC Chris, the DMX of nerdcore.

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