Circuit-board skull


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  1. Stefan Jones says:

    I hear by declare this Etchpunk.

  2. [grumpy old man mode]

    You’re probably going to hate me for saying this but… what exactly was so special here…?
    If it would still work, then I’d say “Wow” but as it is it looks (to me) like quite a bland 
    Mosaic  glued to a skull.. Out of motherboards or something..  A bit like this: And like I said, bland, unlike this: , Doesn’t look like there’s gone any thought in placing the shards on the mold other then “this fits here and this fits here”. Except for maybe the speaker-ear (like we didn’t see that one coming) and the thingy on it’s forehead (also incredibly original) .
    I could go on but I guess I’m just disappointed the jury was so easily impressed.. I mean ..a skull.. really? [/grumpy old man mode] 

    • Jay Converse says:

      If some of the circuits still worked, THAT would be cool.

    • Projectile Grommeting says:

      Well, it’s better than Palo Alto’s damned circuit-board egg:

      Despite fire and vandals, this insultingly-literal homage to the birthplace of silicon valley still rots in Lytton Plaza. Ugly as sin from the start (not to mention sharp), the FR-4 and epoxy is now yellowing from exposure. Or urine.

      [/grumpy old man mode] I left my last one unterminated. It’s caused problems.

  3. This makes me so angry! last year I submitted a portfolio of work almost EXACTLY like this to the AP college board and I received a 3 out of 5 and this guy gets a fancy award!?!?!

  4. dculberson says:

    I thought this post was about a Regretsy entry.

  5. my cat would try to eat this

  6. peter konig says:

    Wow, a bunch of crap glued to a plastic skull with no design or finesse or artistic anything. Awesome.  8^|

  7. cato9 says:

    Nah, its crap, sorry. High school effort if that. Nothing personal to the artist, BTW: i do not condemn anyone on looking at one bit of their art.

    Cannot fathom why this got on Boingboing.

    Shoot I made something classier myself.. and it was classier cos i really did give myself a proper good dose of carcinogens using an angle grinder. Man, that circuit board stuff really stinks when it burns.

  8. cato9 says:

    You know, the more i look at it, the more i think its really poorly made pisstakingly bad. However, its got a lot more going for it than the munga that wins thousands in the “sculpture” prizes in my town.

  9. slowtiger says:

    Do a google image search for “Batman Elektronik Berlin”. Ayse Batman does stuff like that for years now. Here’s an article about her and her brother: (german).

  10. Yukon SOVA says:

    Thank you for posting about Graham Rudge’s “Circuit Skull”.  You can find out more about the unique foundation year visual arts program offered by the Yukon School of Visual Arts at

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