Dish soap art competition


Pril, a brand of dish soap in Germany, had an online competition to create and vote for art to run on the label. The winning art is just so-so, but a few of the runners-up (shown here) are great.

In our Hall of Fame, we present a small selection of very creative, beautiful, sophisticated and witty designs, which have unfortunately not made it into the trade, but the jury greatly admired, appreciated and rewarded are! Thanks to all the creative designers - just phenomenal, which have arisen for design!


  1. I guess the design that promotes how well Pril cuts through stubborn unicorn grease was a little too specialized for them.

  2. From the designs shown, it looks like they had to use an MS-Paint level online graphics program to submit their art.

  3. Actually those designs weren’t runner-ups. The contest was originally a most-user-votes-wins kind a thing. These designs went viral and had most user votes by a land slide. 
    So Pril annotated the rules retrospectively and said, designs also need Pril-approval. 
    It was rather a public relations desaster…

    1. for some values of “desaster” (I don’t recall Pirate Party members going berserk shouting censorship! on twitter, so it can’t have been that bad)

  4. I do enjoy how one of the winner’s also infringes on the copyright of Fred Flintstone. Just wait until Warner Brothers finds out….

  5. Pril actually produced a  limited edition of the “PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL” design and sold those 777 (number might be wrong) bottles at ebay for the normal price.

    They were gone in a few hours, and yes: I got one.

  6. another great work of lulz by /b/tards. the silly designs had the most votes by far.
    did you hear about the nokia ringtone competition?
    look for the votes on ‘the great marvelous’ and listen to it. yeah.

    don’t underestimate the power of bored kids on 4chan.

  7. Wow – they really missed an opportunity here.  I would have released tons of them (obviously none that were offensive/etc…) to supermarkets in limited quantities.  Mix up the bottles such that no store has a complete set (the set should be at least 100 or so). 

    Some people would just pick up the goofy ladybug soap (or one of the other very pleasant designs) instead of another brand; other people would collect these, and wander around town buying up soap.  

    They got handed a gold mine in those submissions, but it looks like they’ll piss it away because they’re cowards.

  8. Certainly that’s one of the reasons they won’t do it – the other likely just a base of conditioned fear for anything out of the ordinary.

    What I’m saying is that I think they’re wrong.  The key would be limited quantities and limited timelines. 

    Make each bottle design reasonably rare (again, no/few duplicates per store is critical) and someone will want it. 

    Someone wants a pretty bottle.  Someone wants a funny one.    Someone wants one that looks like it was drawn by a child.  Someone sees just 3 bottles left and picks their favorite out of those 3.  Someone wants an ugly one.  Someone wants the last “designed” one left on the shelf, no matter what it is. 

    The other key is time.  Do this once a year.  Don’t cheat and reprint or extend.  No time for backlash, and too few bottles for people to ever get sick of them.  By year three you’d be selling boxes of soap to people, sight unseen (each box has a rare promo bottle!). 

    Edit: Whoops, hit wrong reply button I guess. This was meant to reply to kPkPkP’s post above.

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