Science fiction apocalypses live on stage in New Hampshire

John Herman sez, "I am producing 'An Evening of Apocalyptic Theatre' in Portsmouth, NH. Nine plays, nine visions of the end -- including new works by Hugo and Nebula award winning science fiction author James Patrick Kelly and best selling author of The Great Typo Hunt, Jeff Deck. A couple argues in a bomb shelter over a dog puzzle. A man gets an unexpected visit from Intergalactic Salvage. CERN scientists experience the romance of multi-verses. PLUS: Not only is the money raised going to three local charities, but I will also shave my head halfway through the show’s run to raise money for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a group that funds childhood cancer research grants"

An Evening of Apocalyptic Theatre (Thanks, John!)


  1. Hey, that guy from the “Time Enough At Last” Twilight Zone episode found another pair of glasses!  All right!

  2. The poster, by the way, is by Jeremy Couturier, a New Hampshire illustrator who does a lot of great work in our neck of the woods. Check out some of his other art here:

  3. Sweet!  This is my hometown- The Player’s Ring is this little community theatre company with a house the size of a VW Beetle’s backseat.  Everything I’ve seen there has been fantastic, and they do some very cool offbeat productions including a bunch of local playwrights’ work.  I’m psyched to see them on BoingBoing!

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