Asimov t-shirt from Imaginary Foundation


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  1. Alejandro_the_Great says:

    I might have to get this. Asimov was usually my favorite sci-fi writer when Arthur C. Clarke wasn’t.

  2. Alejandro_the_Great says:

    O wait. $30. nvm

  3. David Pescovitz says:

    They just offered a 20% discount to BB readers on the shirt. Yes, it’s not a cheap t-shirt but I can vouch that the quality of IF products — the shirt and the printing — is very high. 

  4. Editz says:

    Do it up in a Three Wolf Moon style and I’m in!

  5. Jim Saul says:

    With as incredibly prolific as Asimov was, can you imagine what he would have done in the age of blogs and instant electronic publication?

    • Tamás Juhász says:

      I’d imagine he’d be putting a lot of effort into self-restrain to not to write, and also re-writing everything.

  6. niktemadur says:

    How about a shirt with an official-looking logo and the title “Terminus Space Transit Authority”, or something along those lines?
    Or something with a slight slant towards the tie-dye, “In Seldon we trust”.

    I got it!  “Foundation Citizen”

  7. Kimmo says:

    The Imaginary Foundation’s Director kindly offered BB readers 20% of the price of this shirt!

    So can we all claim the $6, or do we have to buy the shirt?

    Actually, I might have to buy the shirt; it’s pretty sweet. Plus I reckon I must have read at least 65% of Asimov’s output…

  8. chroma says:

    It looks cool, but I don’t see anything in the design that actually represents Asimov. It could be that I’m missing something, but I don’t see any robots, black holes, spaceship-and-sun logos, or organic molecules.

    Maybe I’m missing it.

  9. The discount code isn’t working for me… was is one day only?

  10. BBLOVESASIMOV no longer valid? BB still loves Asimov…

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