Asimov t-shirt from Imaginary Foundation


I'm digging this luminous t-shirt tribute to Isaac Asimov, from our friends at the Imaginary Foundation.

UPDATE: The Imaginary Foundation's Director kindly offered BB readers 20% of the price of this shirt! Just enter discount code: BBLOVESASIMOV


  1. I might have to get this. Asimov was usually my favorite sci-fi writer when Arthur C. Clarke wasn’t.

  2. They just offered a 20% discount to BB readers on the shirt. Yes, it’s not a cheap t-shirt but I can vouch that the quality of IF products — the shirt and the printing — is very high. 

    1. I’d imagine he’d be putting a lot of effort into self-restrain to not to write, and also re-writing everything.

  3. How about a shirt with an official-looking logo and the title “Terminus Space Transit Authority”, or something along those lines?
    Or something with a slight slant towards the tie-dye, “In Seldon we trust”.

    I got it!  “Foundation Citizen”

  4. The Imaginary Foundation’s Director kindly offered BB readers 20% of the price of this shirt!

    So can we all claim the $6, or do we have to buy the shirt?

    Actually, I might have to buy the shirt; it’s pretty sweet. Plus I reckon I must have read at least 65% of Asimov’s output…

  5. It looks cool, but I don’t see anything in the design that actually represents Asimov. It could be that I’m missing something, but I don’t see any robots, black holes, spaceship-and-sun logos, or organic molecules.

    Maybe I’m missing it.

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