Squid-shaped USB drive

This lovely squid-shaped USB drive makes for a fine way to transfer information around. 4GB for $35.

Squid USB Flash Drive

(Disclosure: the vendor is a Boing Boing advertiser, though I didn't know it at the time that I wrote this post)


  1. In true maker spirit, you could just hit the local toy store, buy a cheap plastic squid and make one yourself for much less.

    1. This is in fact a squid from a toy store – I have the exact same one – with part of it sawed off.

      It was fairly expensive, something like $15 (if not more), which contributes to the high price of this.

      edit: I looked at the other photos on their site, and realized it’s not the same one (mine’s better) and theirs probably didn’t cost more than a dollar or two.

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