Unicorn head mask

Attention! There is now a unicorn version of Accoutrements' legendary Horse Head Mask.

Product Features
• Fits most adult heads
• Super Creepy!
• This mask lets you be the unicorn you know you are!
• Latex with realistic fur mane.
• Are you a secret unicorn?

Well, are you?


        1. I’d be quite flattered if he chased me.  His name is David Mason and he designs fetishware.  Googling him is an extremely NSFW activity.

  1. Has the horse head mask become, like, a thing?  I just saw some dude wearing one and headbanging around the room during Saturday night’s Rhino Bucket show at Paladino’s in Tarzana.  Didn’t look like anyone else there knew WTF the guy was thinking.

    1. Anyway, I went ahead and ordered one.  At that price, how could I not?  I have a four-year-old daughter to delight/give nightmares to.

    1. Because the widespread availability of the mask will enable you to hide in plain sight, as people assume you’re just wearing a mask like all the others?

      Surely any secret unicorn would be wise to purchase and distribute these masks in quantity.

  2. A meme in the making. It will end tragically when someone wearing a unicorn head mask is beaten by supporters while attempting to glitter bomb Rick Santorum.

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