Unicorn head mask


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  1. mran says:

    They have also just released this squirrel mask. Cause they’re crazy like that. http://www.accoutrements.com/shop/products/Squirrel-Mask.html

  2. skeptacally says:

    could we have a unicorn chaser for the uh…  unicorn chaser?

  3. irksome says:

    Why so startled?

  4. Donald Petersen says:

    Has the horse head mask become, like, a thing?  I just saw some dude wearing one and headbanging around the room during Saturday night’s Rhino Bucket show at Paladino’s in Tarzana.  Didn’t look like anyone else there knew WTF the guy was thinking.

  5. I have to agree with irksome….this unicorn looks startled. Maybe he’s startled by his own awesomeness? I know I would be.

  6. jwkrk says:

    How is “Are you a secret unicorn?” a product feature?

    • Warren_Terra says:

      Because the widespread availability of the mask will enable you to hide in plain sight, as people assume you’re just wearing a mask like all the others?

      Surely any secret unicorn would be wise to purchase and distribute these masks in quantity.

  7. crummett says:

    “Super creepy!” Finally, truth in advertising.

  8. crummett says:

    A meme in the making. It will end tragically when someone wearing a unicorn head mask is beaten by supporters while attempting to glitter bomb Rick Santorum.

  9. pjcamp says:

    Is this a unicorn Live Doll?

    That mouth is flippin me out.

  10. Hakuin says:

    no mushrooms?

  11. Kent Chan says:

    Coral Short, San Francisco-Montreal performance artist has been doing their own modding of the original mask for years.


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