Ambiguously ironic superfluous grocer's apo'strophe

Alice spotted this coffee cart from the (above average) London coffee chain Apostrophe, which includes a superfluous apostrophe. It's either ironic or too clever by far.

Oh the irony.


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  1. A final apostrophe would have been equally ironic but much much cooler. This just makes me think it’s a wrongly placed Greek accent.

  2. You all think too hard. It’s supposed to look like a smile with a tongue licking the lips. kind of like :-d

    EDIT: Oh, I see it now … lol.

  3. People seem to be missing the funny here.

    It’s not the wonky apostrophe above the “o”, that’s just part of the logo.

    It’s the apostrophe in the “great taste on it’s way”.

  4. I’m not going to accuse Apostrophe of being too clever. If you choose a name like that then sooner or later you will get an ironic blunder. I did read some reviews of the place. My favourite quote was “the food is not to be sniffed at”.

  5. Is that an apostrophe or a foot mark in “it’s”? I can’t quite tell from the photo. If so, that would be even more ironic (for certain values of irony that may or may not involve rain on your wedding day).

    And I believe that from this day forward I shall refer to the foot mark as the Sears Apostrophe.

  6. My love of cleverness and wordplay here is overwhelmed by the fact that misplaced apostrophes make my brain itch.

  7. When I was a kid in Birmingham, AL (USA) there was a children’s clothing store that was all the rage with the upper crust crowd called “Your Kidding.” The title without an apostrophe was such a head scratcher. Did they mean it to be a clever play on “Your kids”?  I could never figure it out. This to me is like that.

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