Cyclops cosplayer

Danny Choo snapped this wonderful cosplay cyclops at the Wonder Festival.

Wonder Festival Cosplay (via Geekologie)


  1. Heads up: You have some auto-sound-playing advertisers (the prior one was an ad to the top right, and this last one was on the main page about some rappers (embedded in this cosplayer post summary).

  2. That is pretty cool.  Though the Cosplay bar has been set really really low by Japanese Tween Nazi Furries.

    Google it if you dare.

    1. “Terrible!”

      A man goes to the doctor and tells him, “Doc, I’ve got five penises!”

      The doctor looks at him and asks, “How do your pants fit you?!?”

  3. In my local Chinese takeaway the other night, I overheard a father telling his daughter to behave, otherwise he’d take her upstairs to see “the one-eyed girl” who was kept up there by the takeaway’s manager. Spooky.

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