HOWTO make floral saddle-shoe boots

Here's a great, simple DIY project from A Beautiful Mess for using glued-on tapestry fabric to create a kind of floral saddle-shoe effect. They note that there's another version in the offing with stripey fabric, which sounds pretty rad.

1. Glue fabric to the part of you boots you'd like to cover. Brush the glue (or Mod Podge) on and let the fabric dry. One great thing about using a floral pattern is that you don't have to be so exact about matching the pattern. Ours was pretty messy! 2-3. Use an exacto knife to cut around the edge of the boot. Take your time to cut clean lines. 4. Use Mod Podge to secure the edges of the fabric. This will keep them from fraying and make them boots more durable. ♥

Floral Boots DIY (via Craft)


  1. Wow, the 90s really *are* coming back…

    Tomorrow: how to make a Blossom hat out of discarded fleece sweatshirts.

  2. “1. Glue fabric to the part of you boots you’d like to cover.”

    That’s really all you need to know.

  3. Some years back, I was in Bozeman, Montana for a long and frustrating week of work.  As a souvenir, I though I’d pick up a pair of authentic cowboy boots, my first and only pair. 

    My customer took me to one of the finer boots stores in town.   A nice little old-fashioned shop, where three walls were lined with stacked boxes.  Here and there, one box was pulled out of the stack to act as a display shelf for a boot.

    I looked around at all the different boots and boot styles and the ‘interesting’ names stamped onto the boxes. 
     “So, Jim,” I asked my companion, “are all these the names of the boot styles? 
    – Nope, those are the animal they killed to make the boot.  Me, I have a pair of white python boots for when I got dancing.”

    I had no idea (not that I really thought much about it) that so many leathers were available and used for cowboy boots.  So, I got a beautiful pair of shark-skin boots.

    /no, not a vegan, either.

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