HOWTO make floral saddle-shoe boots


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  1. Phoenix Lomax says:

    Wow, the 90s really *are* coming back…

    Tomorrow: how to make a Blossom hat out of discarded fleece sweatshirts.

  2. pkpk says:

    Why would you ruin a perfectly fine pair of boots this way?

  3. Robert says:

    “1. Glue fabric to the part of you boots you’d like to cover.”

    That’s really all you need to know.

  4. Paul Renault says:

    Some years back, I was in Bozeman, Montana for a long and frustrating week of work.  As a souvenir, I though I’d pick up a pair of authentic cowboy boots, my first and only pair. 

    My customer took me to one of the finer boots stores in town.   A nice little old-fashioned shop, where three walls were lined with stacked boxes.  Here and there, one box was pulled out of the stack to act as a display shelf for a boot.

    I looked around at all the different boots and boot styles and the ‘interesting’ names stamped onto the boxes. 
     “So, Jim,” I asked my companion, “are all these the names of the boot styles? 
    - Nope, those are the animal they killed to make the boot.  Me, I have a pair of white python boots for when I got dancing.”

    I had no idea (not that I really thought much about it) that so many leathers were available and used for cowboy boots.  So, I got a beautiful pair of shark-skin boots.

    /no, not a vegan, either.

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