Pronunciation Guide: extremely funny videos on how to pronounce things

[Video Link], via Sean Bonner. I LOL'd, then cried, then hit play again and LOL'd some more. CONTAINS HELVETICA.


  1. definitely canuckistanian in origin. george stroumboulopoulos? michael ondaatje?  fairly recognizable canadians. magnus pääjärvi? he’s a hopeful for the edmonton oilers hockey team. so either our translator has a canadian fetish, or he’s from the great white north. plus, it is total hoser humour.

    oh, and i did indeed lol.

    1.  Yup, he’s canadian.. the videos have been shown on Ellen.. and I think wired or Huffpo did an interview with him.

  2. I feel the need to point out that this is Pronunciation Manual, which is a parody channel of Pronunciation Guide. I was subscribed to both for a while, pathetically. 

  3. Huh? If you LOLed and then cried, please send me some of whatever you are smoking or ingesting to reach the mental state necessary for this to appear humorous.

  4. My favorite has got to be the absolute stunned silence for “caipirinha”, with a total Hail Mary attempt in the last few seconds.

  5. I am REALLY surprised you are just now seeing this …. It’s been making the rounds for some time now.
    but it is very funny stuff. This one might be my favorite:
    Haute Couture

  6. What’s the opposite of a silent letter? You know, it isn’t there but you say it anyway?

    Apparently, we have a lot of that kind of O’s.

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