Pronunciation Guide: extremely funny videos on how to pronounce things


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  1. gauch0 says:

    Who does this channel? It sounds like Todd Barry to me.

  2. Schizno says:

    Just stupid. That is all.

  3. derek prowse says:

    i would watch this in long-form 24 hour cable format.

  4. Labbit says:

    Horse doovers!

  5. skeptacally says:

    definitely canuckistanian in origin. george stroumboulopoulos? michael ondaatje?  fairly recognizable canadians. magnus pääjärvi? he’s a hopeful for the edmonton oilers hockey team. so either our translator has a canadian fetish, or he’s from the great white north. plus, it is total hoser humour.

    oh, and i did indeed lol.

  6. danimagoo says:

    My favorite was pooper macho.

  7. Donald Petersen says:

    I cracked a crooked grin at first, but at Guinness I really came apart.

  8. anondrea says:

    I feel the need to point out that this is Pronunciation Manual, which is a parody channel of Pronunciation Guide. I was subscribed to both for a while, pathetically. 

  9. haineux says:

    Just gonna leave this here:

  10. sean says:

    Huh? If you LOLed and then cried, please send me some of whatever you are smoking or ingesting to reach the mental state necessary for this to appear humorous.

  11. chgoliz says:

    My favorite has got to be the absolute stunned silence for “caipirinha”, with a total Hail Mary attempt in the last few seconds.

  12. tedrock says:

    I am REALLY surprised you are just now seeing this …. It’s been making the rounds for some time now.
    but it is very funny stuff. This one might be my favorite:
    Haute Couture

  13. I’ll never pronounce Bjork’s name incorrectly again.

  14. pjcamp says:

    What’s the opposite of a silent letter? You know, it isn’t there but you say it anyway?

    Apparently, we have a lot of that kind of O’s.

  15. Anon_Mahna says:

    I’ll stick with Primiti Too Taa

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