TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak, with Tim Tripp, Time Traveller, and MORE!

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  1. If Percival Dunwoody and Tim Tripp ever collide in the streams of space-time, I expect much jocularity and hi-jinks!

  2. When I read the 60’s style advertisement on the right side, I imagined presenting this to someone actually in the 1960’s. He would understand the basic concept of the fart jokes, but still be highly irritated by most of the words. Why start a word with a hash? What’s got the side of a spider’s web to do with this? Why is a pirate’s fart supposed to bedifferent?

    1. [VINCENT]
      They didn’t have Tweeter back then, they wouldn’t know what the fuck a hashtag is.

      What’d they call it?

      They call it a “number sign”.

      Number sign. What’d they call an “at sign”?

      At sign is an at sign, but to them it meant “at the rate of”.

      At the rate of! Ahhaha, what do they call a Whopper?

      I dunno, I didn’t go into a Burger King.

    2. It seems obvious to my past self that it is a phone number. Calling it now to see if there is a fart recording.

  3. Ever since I read Making History by Stephen Fry, in which scientists prevent the birth of Hitler but it results in someone even worse, I’ve  found it annoying when people suggest that the best use for time travel would be to kill Hitler.

    1.  I think the better idea is to send a cute Jewish girl back to when he was a teen and totally seduce and marry him.

    1.  Me, I wonder what AMAM’s problem is.  Mahogany is water-proof.  That’s why it’s used for boat decks.

  4. “Concept of a Fart” might be the best thing Mr. The Dancing Bug has ever done, and that’s saying something (as opposed to “saying nothing” in which case this entire area would be left blank.)

  5. I’ve always wondered if the word “kerchief” was an onomatopoeia. I’ve tried, whenever the irresistible urge to sneeze comes to me, to expel “KERCHIEF!” instead of “AACHOO!” Usually, it ends in failure.

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