24 Magazine: every ish is done in a day, ad-free and kickstartered


5 Responses to “24 Magazine: every ish is done in a day, ad-free and kickstartered”

  1. Evan G. says:

    Sounds like they’re trying to one-up Longshot Magazine by doing it in one day, rather than two.


  2. fink says:

    Kinda like working on a “daily” with fingerpaint, except you make 360 fewer issues per year, eh?   Snarkieness aside, it’ll be super cool to see what they come up with.   Definitely a labor of love.

  3. Shady Lane says:

    Sounds like fun. Completely ad free though? Could be a great opportunity to showcase some commercial creativity too.

  4. oldmarvelguy says:

    time magazine does that every week.Is it some kind of badge of honor that these guys beg for the money? how do you know they’ll actually put out the mag?

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