Astrologers who claimed copyright on timezones apologize, drop lawsuit -- EFF declares victory!


22 Responses to “Astrologers who claimed copyright on timezones apologize, drop lawsuit -- EFF declares victory!”

  1. jackbird says:

    That’s an awfully strongly-worded apology  for something already at the point of a legal proceeding.  Are they paying EFF’s costs, too?

  2. Abe Lincoln says:

    Misunderstanding of the law!!??  How about a complete, total and epic fail on the ability to understand anything with numbers.  That sounds a whole lot more accurate to me.

  3. GawainLavers says:

    Who could have seen this coming?

    Ha!  First!

  4. Lindsey says:

    I think people are getting a little ridiculous with copyrighting and trademarking every little thing.  Apparently Beyonce and Jay-z copyrighted their daughter’s name “Blue Ivy.”  Really?  Is it really necessary? 

    • Abe Lincoln says:

       I’d just like the rights to the number 0 or 1.  Btw, this is why Intel named it’s (old) cpu the “Pentium”.  Intel took AMD to court saying “oh no… ’586′ belongs to us”.  And, of course, the judge laughed them out of court.  And that’s why the Pentium has a “proper” name instead of a number.

  5. Good news: the righteous prevail. Bad news: the astrology company is still in business and their lawyers are still members of the bar association. 

  6. japolo says:

    this bodes poorly for my lawsuit relating to the ownership of the idea that the sun is hot. :/

  7. Roy Trumbull says:

    The astrological signs in daily newspaper listings and in horoscopes are based on where the signs of the zodiac were 2000 years ago. In the interval the Zodiac  has acquired a 13th sign. Whatever you say is your sign is wrong. A few astrologers deal with the signs as they are today. But no matter what they do it is still just fleecing of the gullible.  

  8. SedanChair says:

    If you sue me on the astral plane, you better wake up and apologize

  9. sixty4k says:

    Any links to the actual full Astrolabe statement?

  10. howaboutthisdangit says:

    If Astrolabe’s lawyers really have such a weak grasp on the law, maybe they should take their law degrees back to Wal-Mart for a refund.

    More likely, though, they just wanted to get in on the IP troll, get-rich-quick action.

  11. DewiMorgan says:

    The sign of a good company (or a good person!) is not that they don’t screw up – it’s that they do the right thing once they have done so.

    Almost always, the right thing is a public apology, acknowledging the wrongs done and explaining what you’re gonna do about it.

  12. Thü says:

    Well, its just the consequence of what Astrology is all about. Therefore who believes astrology to be something, believes a lot other strange things too, even owning things nobody can own. But even many big companies do that nowadays.

  13. strumpet windsock says:

    They might want to have a little talk with Sanford Fleming, who did invent time zones. 

  14. TimRowledge says:

    Oh boy are they in trouble now; I have a patent on the whole apologizing and expressing regrets to volunteers business method.


  15. Lyle Hopwood says:

    If they’d had a good astrologer, they would have seen this coming. 

  16. Kimmo says:

    We now recognize that historical facts are no one’s property

    Well, how jolly decent of you.

  17. noah django says:

      >We deeply regret the disruption that our lawsuit caused for the volunteers who maintain the TZ database, and for Internet users.

    translation:  “we thought we could profit by tricking a judge into granting us a  copyright on a natural phenomenon, but we got called out on our bullshit.  please do not DDOS us, internet.”

    all my rage.

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